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Kuro and Rin’s Serafuku and the Yet another Lost Footage Discovered


Canonically, Kuro doesn’t like wearing uniforms and the reason she attends a public school or something like that is to allow her to wear whatever fashionable dress there is. So that’s your first deviation right there.

But apart from that, I mentioned before that having the girls wear a uniform is to allow them to visually blend better with any background characters like, their peers, classmates, etc.

Now, I decided that while she’s untransformed, it’s better if she uses the canonical hairdo, however her original hair physics in MMD simply droop down, so, by manipulating some hitboxes I was able to get her hair to fan out like it does in the pictures.

What I did was borrow Rin’s “hairblocker” hitbox, which was a huge one that only reacted with the hitbox groups Rin’s (as well as Kuro’s magical girl form’s)  twintails were on. The effect is that this huge hitbox kept the hair splayed out and away form the body, or in the case of Kuro “regular” appearance, it keeps her canonical hairdo fanned out.

Speaking of Rin…

At this point I should start making either the other girls, which maybe a good time to crack some kind of in-joke… like I don’t know, other well-known lolis?  Sakura Kinomoto and Kanna come to mind, and if so, Kanna’s recurring joke has to be her always watching the festivities while eating something.  I could also squeeze in Mayoi (the one who lugs around a huge backpack because she’s got this snail motif going on)  to complete the trio of background characters who are rather close to the main characters.

Now, given the premise of the project where Kuro is some magical girl and Rin’s the plot’s Damsel in Distress, held hostage by the Heel Cast until they can get their hands on their rival, I thought I should have the Spiderman Thanksgiving Scene.

And for that scene, I thought it was now an opportunity to revive the scrapped idea of Rin being displayed. It was another scene in Project Rin 2017 that didn’t make it due to a lot of footage already being made, and it’s a variation of the scene where Rin is strung up and being eaten out by Urara.



My original idea is that the Heel Cast has Rin strung up and displayed and Kuro grabs the attention of the Heel Cast for staring a little too intently and a little too concerned. Maybe they can take Kuro away for some “questioning” but find nothing interesting about her…cue that overly suspicious villain who thinks there still might be something of note for that overly concerned girl.

And that might be my ticket to the Heels finally catching her, but first, let’s get that scene out of the way.

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