581st Pixiv Entry, Heroine Kuro Costume done

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Kuro’s Heroic Costume: Ready! (Definitely)


Cobbling together various parts to “create” (read: edit in) a costume is done, testing for faulty physics is done, as well as any rigging issues. She worked pretty well in a couple of dance motions so at this point, she’s ready for some scene-building now.

However, as a bit of anti-climactic irony it’s time for me to create other editions of Kuro with only bits and pieces of her costume on, not just for her H-scenes but also her transformation scenes. See the thing with making this version of Kuro is that I had to cull some vertices off of her body, especially the parts that are covered with clothes (i.e. top and shoes).

And speaking of transformation scenes, looks like I’ll need to do some legit research (as opposed to “regular research” hurr hurr hurr) to get some ideas on how to carry it out.

Before MMD and it’s bikini and nude dancing there was magical girl animes where the transformation scene was the closest you’d get to fanservice most of the time, where the girl was pretty much naked except that she’s turned into some ethereal being.

However, I don’t think that simply skipping the etheral bit will do it justice since surprise surprise I don’t think I’ll be handling this project in a very serious tone. I mean I tried that with Karen’s Retro Project but didn’t get to maintain it that much, at least for the first episode.  The second episode had more opportunities to conduct more silly scenes so this time around with Kuro’s project I think I should try to make it a little more self-aware of it’s silly nature.

Then again, maybe I don’t have to. I said it before I’m a horrible writer. My dialogue writing is bland, but I suppose that will do if I’m aiming to do a cheesy movie…and porno flicks with the pizza guy is stereotypically cheesy (probably cheesier than the pizza itself) and since I was aiming to use old music it ramps up the vintage feel even more so.. yeah, just get really cheesy and really blatant with the scenes, I mean the scenes that aren’t H because those have been pretty blatant since day one of cinema.

Aside from Kuro in various stages of undress in her heroine costume for transformation purposes,  the next step is Rin and Kuro’s uniform versions because 1.) it’s easier to just headswap them and 2.) it gives me leeway should I need to give the girls more friends for non fanservicey scenes like in establishing shots.

Speaking of other girls, giving Rin and Kuro some other friends can be a good frame of reference. In a previous post somewhere I mentioned at how some manga that try to play the embarassment/humiliation card usually don’t have a “point of reference” to show the character’s previous status. A common example is a respected princess/knight/princess knight but there’s no one among the onlookers who can be solidly established to illustrate this loss of status, or peers (i.e. like how in Project May Ep.1 she’s paraded around her former peers and implied rivals she’s defeated before) so by giving our two heroines some friends then it adds more flavor to it. See the thing with a crowd of strangers is, you don’t know them, and they don’t know you and you don’t have to look them in the eye every morning, but if we establish some characters they will have to see again the next day then it weights more on the girls. Maybe they want favors, maybe they don’t want them involved and that’s why they’re doing the H scenes.

To be honest, I suppose Rin and Kuro alone could do that, I mean canonically speaking they do go a long way back, however there’s the advantage of friends who aren’t in such an intimate circle. In superhero stories, these are the friends who don’t know the superhero’s true identity (and probably don’t even want to know) and eventually there’s a part in that story where the hero has to pick between heroism and friendship.

Economically speaking, giving a solid set of characters to witness this all means I just have to use those characters and not have to rotate through a library.  Dramatically speaking, giving the heroine a few characters to focus their embarassment on allows me to create more cutaways to hide transitions. Plus it can make the villains look more dastardly if they try to involve them.

So aside from Kuro in various stages of Transformation/Undress, and her uniformed appearance with Rin + side characters. Let’s talk about Kuro’s costumed scenes; as I said before I wanna milk this out as much as I can while Rin does the actual heavy lifting. It’s a bit of a nod to the hentai ova’s/manga where you have a damsel in distress doing all the reasons you picked up that story for, interspersed with the hero scenes nobody gives a damn about. Like, nobody at all.

But instead, you have a heroine we’re all interested in, so basically Kuro will draw the heat while Rin satisfies it.

Now the good part is that I think I have enough monsters in my library for her to fight, but to set expectations, I’m no interested in having her do any H-scenes with them because 1.) Rin’s already doing the heavy fanservice and 2.) Kuro getting her ass handed to her with every monster encounter is just a dead and beaten trope (so I have to be more selective should I take this route) and beats the purpose of getting people to lust over her sexy costume.

That’s it for now, time to get to work on them.

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3 thoughts on “581st Pixiv Entry, Heroine Kuro Costume done”

  1. Nice composition Squish. Very innocent looking. Extending her costume to cover her midriff gives it the substance it was lacking and also lowers our focus to her panties…purr-fect! And those fanny ruffles serve the same purpose as a picture frame focusing the eye on the piece of ass, I mean art! Even her twin tails help frame her costume and body. Her girly costume gives her a child-like quality which will make it more arousing and titillating when she gets submitted, stripped and toyed with.

    1. thanks! …but, i might take the red herring route and have rin exclusively do all the h stuff, at least until the very end. ~( ‘w’ )~ this may or may not be reverse psychology on my part.

  2. Hot Damn Kuro! Friggin swap out Rin for Kuro in this current production, Horse Slurm Extravaganza what ever seems to be going on lol!

    Kuro just tweeted @CookieFunChanel “My new tits need some action Squish! WTF is with a double Rin release? That whore is getting all the attention! :(”

    Then she later tweeted “Why am I not getting pounded tonight? Hot mess between my legs!!!”

    Trump later tweeted @KuroTits “I’ll grab ya by the you know what Kuro.”

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