Happy 4rth of July!

\(oWo)/ Happy 4rth of July to Everywan!

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Kuro’s Heroic Costume: Ready! (sort of)



As you can see, Kuro’s arm decorations will follow next, and once that’s done, I feel like I should milk her costumed scenes for all it’s worth. So I guess the way I could do it is that while teasing people with Kuro, there’s some Rin action to keep others satisfied, I mean she’s doing the damsel role after all.

Musicwise I’m still stuck on wanting to get the retro 60’s funk rock music and the closest I can ever think that’s related to what I’m doing are some really old Tokusatsu shows. And that’s a little thing I need to overcome because I don’t think i have my sentai motions anymore. I used to have them in my late 2TB HDD  where I made my MMO Parody video in (for the final scene)

So are there any old Japanese superhero tropes I could come up with? Well for one I have heard some stories where they did get too racy by today’s standards, but for me that’s no different from the regular amounts of fanservice you’d see anywhere, so that’s not it. I suppose Rin can do the lots of fanservice prior to her capture when she tries to escape their capture attempt, including that good old “undershot pantyflash while leaping away”

One trope I do know would work is that when the heroes usually do their sentai posing (an offshoot of traditional Kabuki theater which uses larger-than-life motions) they usually do a quick sequence of close up pics to show how awesome their costume looks, and for Kuro’s cute costume this is a definite must.

In hentai, especially the older titles, I’ve noticed that most of them start off with a “everyday in school” montage, albeit focusing on the more fanservices moments such as swimming class, the dressing room, or P.E. class. I suppose that’s a temptingly good idea, if it weren’t for the fact that there’s going to be some really difficult times in trying to get Kuro and Rin’s bodies to mesh well with others since the illusion is supported by the fact that they’re surrounded by others who are much larger than they are, and I don’t think it’s “economically feasible” to form a crowd of generic girls using the same bodies.

See, the advantage of clothes is that you can hide their figures, and the advantage of school uniforms is that everyone can look the same, and if the base body on the uniforms are good enough, you can even just do a headswap.

So fanservicey establishing shots are definitely out for now.

Hentai magical girls tropes have this part where they’d usually have a boyfriend or some random dood they need to have sex with or at least have some kind of “see more of their bodies” pass. This trope is something I don’t see the need to do, but I do have a twist idea I hope to be able to pull off, since even the whole “need to have sex to gain power to transform” is suprisingly stale already, so it needs something to give it a fresh new premise.

Now, magical girls aren’t complete without some cute little animal companion. Simply giving them a kind of sex beast form isn’t new at all, and not too different from the random monsters that eat up half of those OVA’s runtime. However, I may keep them since they’re good exposition devices, and their role as an accessory to upholding the magical girls’ cutesy look. However, exposition role is very easily done by any other character, especially considering that conversation scenes are a good time to get the girls in a more or less static position and let the camera wander around them. So if I ever get to use one (or two) they won’t have much screen time.

Now for another big trope in H magical girls: monsters and tentacles. I’m going to be upfront about how this is not going to be a main focus, much less a scene of any the girls being thrown into a pit of sex-starved tentacle monsters. After all, this project isn’t about magical girls vs. tentacles, but magical girls vs. magical girls. That’s the novelty.

Anyway that’s all of the tropes I can think of, and yeah not much ideas on how to give them a new look but I’ll get to it eventually.

Stay wiggly and have a great 4rth of July!

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2 thoughts on “Happy 4rth of July!”

  1. For the life of me I don’t know why you had such reluctance to include Kuro in the video. She looks absolutely fuckable in twin tails! They’ed make a great set of handle bars in a strap on scene with her captors. I ESPECIALLY love the rear view of her magical heroine costume with the fanny ruffles. Can’t wait to see what that looks like without panties! The ruffles also help make her look like a much younger girl than the ones she and Rin are up against. Nice work – I’m anxious to see the gloves/arm band decorations you come up with. Something girly no doubt.

    1. thanks! the arm decorations will be definitely something girly, and the reason why i was holding off kuro because up until yesterday i hadn’t come up with good materials to give her a good costume.

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