Pixiv 560, Populating the Bridge (part 2)


neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 560th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4


…Drum roll  please!






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2nd Loop completed

Now we got the second butt grope loop for Airin 2…you know what, if Aisha Airin is the name for the elder Airin, how about we just call the younger sister Aila Airin? or Ayla if it reminds you of a certain cavegirl in an awesome old RPG.

So why wasn’t it so easy to animate?

The answer lies in the nature of IK (Inverse Kinetics?) chains, you parent them to a moving target and they’re liable to bend in ways they’re not supposed to.  Especially when that moving target is like…attached to series of other moving bones. In MMD, the semistandard of bones has the hips parented to a waist bone (swivels the upper and lower body bones), a groove bone and a center bone. Basically, lots of bones it’s connected to.

Plus, the nature of the contact has to be noisy, and not robotic. Regardless of a non-con situation where she’s squirming in disgust from the intimate contact, or a consensual situation where senpai is squeezing her butt, such contact has to be “noisy” to be sexy. The girl has to react to it. Heck, in real life if your biggest crush simply had his/hers/its hand/grasper limb/tentacle/paw on your shoulder I’m sure anyone would just more than regular sway from the contact.

Next is for me to add in some more male members of the crew doing the more ordinary work like pushing buttons on some vague console. I haven’t filled in the motions yet and it’s still a static pose but those are easy enough to populate on the timeline

So the stuff I mentioned the last time was to put in some female crewmembers that aren’t underdressed, and currently the direction for the project is going to be a consensual angle, i.e. it’s just normal fashion in this crazy setting.

And the current silly excuse is still the “showing off they’re human because it’s so easy to get artificially jacked” which kind of means, it’s like how hardcore soldiers in war movies go around shirtless to show how ripped they are while their commanders sweat it out in itchy thick jackets because they have a rank.

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 560, Populating the Bridge (part 2)”

  1. This hanger stage is looking awesome, but that’s a Cookie Fun Production for you. If it’s gonna be consensual then it might be fun if one of the lolis first showed up for “work” in a jacket, but when she gets too hot she strips it off and tosses it aside. That emphasizes the idea that with this crew, “tits out” is no big deal. The Cookie Fun Crew – where the uniform of the day is … no uniform at all!

  2. Levelution! During Rins (or retro space cadet Karen’s) noncon bondage she is getting jackhammered by a robotic phallice. Midway through Mr. Miagi’s dance for glandular health, Rin or Karen can’t handled it anymore and has an explosive squirt all over the control panel causing a short circuit and a shift in tempo and lighting. The Airins get taken advantage of even more during the commotion and Mr. Miagi turns the beat around like Gloria Estefan.

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