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Premises and A Whole Lotta of Butts


In  a word, butt-groping animations for one of our pilots, well originally there would be just one pilot but considering that she (Airin for now) was placed dead center, a lot of camera angles blocked the view of her, so I decided to double down and make the Airin sisters the pilots so now you have two girls bent over at the background.

So aside from wondering between making it a non-con or a consensual one, my current focus then is on the stuff that can still be ambigious.

Ambigious how?

For the consensual idea, aside from it just being the regular fashion for that setting, the girls can operate machines by merging their consciousness to the machines. But instead of just having them stand or sit there with a vr headset on, I decided to just hook them to a machine in such a provactive bondage-esque fashion.

And no, Rin’s just a placeholder.

But how do I relay that without having to use dialogue?

My current idea is to have a holographic version of the girls hooked up to the machines  operating equally holographic and abstract consoles.  Yeah, they’re hooked up to machines to operate even more machines.

That should take care of things. That way even if I switch to the non-con version it wouldn’t require too much changes.

What’ll the non-con version be? Basically just premise it like a futuristic slave galley.

I suppose in a twist, rather than give them a workout, threaten to withhold it like “you wanna get out so you can exercise to maintain your figure? better keep the ship running well” in a satirical comedic way.

So depending on the context it could be a lecherous crew harassing the sexy girls or it’s just juvenile antics.

Or we can change the source of the girls’ irritation instead. What I mean is, the fanservicey elements are just a normal thing, but the reason they’re not too thrilled about it is because of stuff you usually hear from disgruntled soldiers like…

“why are we assigned to a crappy part of the galaxy?”

“I hate baby sitting these cadet guys”

“when are they gonna give us a real mission?”

Basically an excuse to give the girls a frowny face but not because of how revealing outfit is and the poses their stations make them do.  Maybe Airin’s irritated because she preferred to be in the same ship senpai is and having some guy she doesn’t care about grope her butt doesn’t make piloting any less boring, and Minagi’s irritated with having to dance on the bridge because she knows she’s not going to see any action for a very long time… maybe she’s a gun nut and her hands feel lonely without the familar steel.

Basically a kind of surrealism.

Anyway speaking of butt groping. This the loop I’ve been currently working on right now. Even though I gave the guy IK arms and parented them to Airin’s hips, the fact that she’s moving around means that it’s not been an easy day.

Now the good news is that I’ve been able to form a good loop one that doesn’t look unnatural or too fast, of course since it’s parented to a moving target, it still requires calibrating every other keyframe, but at least it wasn’t as bad as yesterday.

Now I did say I would be giving Airin a copilot (which surprisingly will be the other Airin) but I haven’t decided yet what sort of attention she could be getting.

For now, maybe I will just settle to her getting worked on by some vibrators. Maybe by a small micheivous robot. But what about the girls hooked up to the machines? No idea yet, but we’ll get there.

So now I’m getting some good ideas for what the b-rolls are.

Let’s think of the “life on a ship” antics you see

Well okay that might be too silly XD but you get the idea, two of the girls sparring together while the guys make bets.

The girls working out can be another good scene. Or maybe make that competitive too in who can make the most pull ups.  That and pushups seem to be the most revealing.

Hmmm…sounds like we can have a rivalry angle going.

There’s also the usual bathing scenes, which could be coed, not too different from the one I did in Ahogear except I just have to do something different or add a little more to it.

Let’s see if I can drop a little more subtley to it? Like say, whoever loses the sparring match will be on the receiving on of some yuri sex, or maybe the giving end, because if having tits bounce about and and pussies bared is normal, then getting fucked isn’t going to be that anymore embarassing, so maybe the loser is the one who has to give pleasure, maybe what’s embarassing is to have to wear the strap-on dildo because it’s the opposite of proudly baring boobs? I mean when you think about it,  that could explain why the male crew aren’t dressed like this guy

Because this dystopian future setting probably has this kind of “boob pride” or “proud to show off the assets because i’m not some cyborg” thing going on. Plus, think of it, giving your rival pleasure while you don’t get any? Sounds like a penalty game right there.

I want to stay off the holosuite thing because it sounds so lazy, but in theory, the nice effects of it dissolving back into an empty room might be a good idea.

For the non-con angle it could have that group sex thing going on. Or time in the sex torture room by rebellious operators, and by that I mean a sex scene with some overly complicated machine. Or during meal times one girl has to entertain them by their version of Rin’s golden fist scene. 

Now sure the non-con angle has been a little common and easy for ideas, but it does make one thing nice with context, I can add decently dressed girls among the crew. By that Idon’t mean nearly pointless costumes or hyper fanservicey clothes but like in at least a short skirt and a proper jacket.  Still, it doesn’t have to be non-con. Maybe those girls are from a higher standing or caste or are in more administrative tasks  or high ranks, or the girls are just under some punishment details because they did some silly antics.

What’s the non-con angle supposed to be though? Well I was thinking of something like space pirates, maybe they raided and kidnapped these cutie cadets or…

It’s just hazing antics. Maybe they have to prove themselves worthy of the cause and that’s why they’re in those silly outfits.

Or maybe the girls are disgruntled ex-miltary of the evil space empire and so to prove their worth despite their impressive string of feats they agree to put those on. Yeah that could work and then use a few cutscenes to show the bad guys as some evil repressive regime. Or, maybe those suits are the evil empire’s slave doll uniform and therefore wearing it is like a kind of defiance. Like a “thanks for the training suckers! Now we’ll use it against you (and probably free more of our sisters”) and maybe the ship is hijacked by the space pirate which is why it has that funky tech all over it. But this time the girls’ minds are freed and they’re pissed.

Anyway those are some big ideas but first let’s get down to earth and finish on the more important tasks first, like finishing that scene on the bridge. Once that butt groping scene is done I need to work on the other Airin and then maybe Charlie and Karen can take those VR machines.

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