Pixiv 552 and Playing Jenga with the RAM


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Playing RAM Jenga

So I tried loading Minagi to the file, however since that would require tons and tons of effort having to attach tons of things onto her like effects, my course of action was to replace the model by renaming the one I’m currently using for her file then loading it. Now when that happens, MMD will then ask me if I want to replace this “missing file” and while it loaded pretty fine, trying to play the file, or move along the timeline causes it to crash. So my course of action was to triage things.

I’m comparing it to Jenga because everytime I try to remove an model/accessory/or effect it’s liable to cause the file to crash, yes, even when making the file lighter it causes that.


So here’s how I’m feeling right now

Currently Minagi’s weighting in at about 8MB (Compared to her previous model’s 3.5MB) which gives me two options. One I simply triage the less used stuff in the dance stage to allow her to fit into the file without crashing, or number, two craft a simpler lighter version of her in something simpler, like maybe heels.

Nah, her hair is too spiky for it, it’s got to be sneakers and legwarmers.

Which pretty much means gotta have to design yet another version of her. Well, it’s not that that’s not going to happen anyway, but I was really looking forward to have her in that cyber kitty outfit. Then again, that was because my plan for her was that she was being shown off as some kind morale booster as well to show off her uh… Specs.

I’m going to give it a couple more tries because the heaviest configuration I was able to to was Minagi with multiple Imas Models and a large AVI playing in the background.

But do let me know what you think about her performing in the casino stage in something not futuristic but something more like an actual showgirl.  Both look great but for now, I’ll see what I can do with both paths.

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