Pixiv 550, Rigging, Glyphs,and AL Values


neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 550th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4


…Drum roll  please!




And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


Rigging,Glyphs, and AL values

So I gave Minagi some transparent plastic-ish sleeves and added some minor physics to them and judging from this picture I can tell two things; first I need to increase the opacity of her sleeves and second I did pretty well for rigging them to bend well with her elbow and not have them clip through the sleeves.

Next up I made a glyph to attach to some points of her costume, however I think I should add some variety to them. A couple more places I’m thinking they should be on her “collar” area as well as glyphs on her breasts, howevering below the under-bra-support-thingy as well as another one hovering milimeters behind her butt cheeks

I’ve long been looking for a good headdress for her or a visor to serve as a kind of head accessory. Once I get all of that done I can then start working on her screen. For dance videos it’s pretty straightforward, I can simply apply a gif effect for music related things like a graphic equalizer gif, but for stuff like fight scenes I’m thinking what could be appropriate.

Oh and of course, I need to adjust the brightness values of the glowy parts.

The hovering accessories have been skipped for now since her current outline is looking well balanced enough for me to no longer need any silhouette boosting.

Also some adjustments to the hitboxes on her legs would be good, since her tassels are currently clipping past them.

So that’s what I’m currently thinking. Oh and I tweaked her boob physics a bit more which makes me think I do NEED for her video to have BOTH a fighting scene and a dance scene.

So I had a few ideas on what the premise her video can be.

One is that she is an android and her dance scene is just her creators dicking around.

Another idea is one inspired by Satoshi Urushihara’s Ragnarock City and she’s just showing off she’s human yet still kicking ass on par or probably exceeding that of the generic rank-and-file robots.

\(TwT)/ I’m so happy I can finally make that joke here.

Yeah well you know what the second idea’s pretty good so I think I’ll just go with that and just work on how and why and stuff.

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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