Pixiv 547 and back from the Crash Layer


neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 547th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4


…Drum roll  please!






And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Back from the Crash Layer

Back in the Rin version of that dance scene, it was crowded enough that if I moved along the timeline it was liable to crash, why not? there’s an AVI playing, there’ tons of models and effects going on. And now it’s reached that same level from Minagi’s project, the good news is that I’m getting more progress from it since it means I’m getting more content with the overall design and once it’s perfected I can start working on that scene, which I want most of the video to be for many reasons. First of all it’s a massive setpiece so it deserves tons of screentime and it’s dancing which means not only having the most abundance resources available to it (i.e. dance motions) but it’s easily one of the sexiest scenes outside of say…. actual sex scenes.

Apart from some hours of some needed downtime (i.e. a clone of a certain tree-punching game) I’ve also completed the flicker effect and the screenlines all in one.  The idea was simple in paper but very tedious. simply apply an overlay then have it go on an off quickly.

Now first of all, this requires me to find the overlay I want, in this case it’s very simple scanlines, then make a copy of the screen accessory and apply the scanline texture to it. Once that is done, I just copy the coordinates of my screens and paste them the overlays then have them toggle their alpha settings from 0 to 1 every 2 frames.

So what’s the tediousness? Well first of all in MMD when it comes accessories, the program lacks the ability to easily mass-select them in order for one to copy-paste the keyframes, that means for each and every accessory involved I would have to do them one by one.

Once that part is finished it was time to calibrate them. My current project currently applies some really strong lighting in order to make use of the lighting effects. Which means each and every model, accessory or stage that I add to this project will need some means of regulating that amount of brightness onto them.

Now the thing is, since this is supposed to look like some glowing technological glyph like the things you see in Sci-fi, it was a balancing act between getting that ethereal effect yet at the same time toning down that glare.

then when you consider that I still have to layer other things on top of those glyphs like text, or pictures which means another round of toggling.

Which does bring to mind what will that stuff be.  Since the idea for this project is that it’s in the same vein as those “sexy robin hood-esque girl gets captured and hilarity ensues” plots. My first idea was to show her bio, like her name, her pic, and 3 sizes which for the life of me, I am probably getting wrong, like really wrong, and for those of you laughing at how bad those numbers are, you’re welcome.  (o wo)/ see? I told you I can be a good comedian!

But of course there’s always that little devil at the back of my head telling me to consider because… if she’s like an infamous space pirate robin hood girl, then everybody probably knows who she is. Personal information only gets hentai when it’s like a nobody girl, but when you’re Miss Sexy Space Pirate Prancing Around in a Skimpy Outfit, then those scanners must have already measured out your cup sizes already.

The same applies even if I take the tournament fighter route since this thing is actually… a thing

Yeah, the weigh in.

Of course making it a consensual thing is still a viable thing. Now that I think of it, maybe it’s about time I make a project about the girls making a lewd show and actually doing a hijack. But we’ll see, I want to get these holographs completed.

Stay Wiggly!

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