Pixiv 544 and Idiotic Scarcity (of things that shouldn’t)


neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4 544th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4


…Drum roll  please!




And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


My Tongue is Twisted (Because I don’t know what to call those techy things)

You know all those abstract shapes that appear when you see those sci-fi screens and huds? I can’t believe how difficult they are to find for no good reason. And sci-fi designed textboxes, so many hours wasted just trying to find a good one that doesn’t have such a boring plain rectangular shape. I can’t believe how rare good resources are to find.

If these things weren’t so hard to find I’d say I’m full of it because it’s just lying about everywhere, but no, I try all the relevant keywords and wow, so much unrelated crap clogging up the results.

This is why, the sole reason why modern designs are going towards a simplistic theme. It’s not a fashion statement or some artsy thing, it’s because things that should be abundant are so scarce for no reason.  And why are they so scarce? Because of the utter contempt for detail most half-baked makers have towards good design.

This refusal to evolve is the real cancer that plagues just about all forms of creative communities. They just expect you to love their half-baked half-hearted efforts and if you dislike them the lame excuse is that you just have no appreciation for their lack of effort. This is why I don’t do those half-assed out of nowhere 1 girl 1 room videos, because I respect my viewer and don’t throw crap at them and expect them to love it and see it as something it’s not.

I for one have no respect for the lack of effort. Not because it’s something I choose, but it’s the only sane, and natural way to feel about things like these. If a dog bites you and craps all over your house, you’re not supposed to fall in love with it.  But this is what most people say is the course of action you should take. It’s ridiculous, and by Wikipedia’s definition:

The ridiculous is that which is highly incongruous or inferior, sometimes deliberately so to make people laugh or get their attention, and sometimes unintended so as to be considered laughable and earn or provoke ridicule and derision.

Which is why I’m inspired to dress my current stage with futuristic assets . I’m not going to stop until I get some good floating holographic things in the stage so I can give the concept of stupidly rare assets the finger, after I stomp it to the ground with creativity.

Yup, I’m just annoyed this is taking long for no good reason.

Anyway, back to work, Stay Wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 544 and Idiotic Scarcity (of things that shouldn’t)”

  1. Well while i do agree with part of your rant i think that is something subject to debate.
    For example i think that mmd video makers that treat patreon as their piggy bank and wait for 3 months to release a video are worse while those people claim they put effort and have a higher quality stuff i disagree because they want to have more mney on their pockets instead of releasing more videos and getting more donations.
    For example i have seen talented persons that release videos of really good quality but (using your words) are just 1 room 1 girl videos,but the thing is they are releasing more content in one month then what people that put effort have released on 1 year.
    For example i loved tabris mmd videos they have a higher quality in the overall (sometimes they look almost real) while they have less resolution then your videos the quality is higher because the ammount of shaders and how they are combined are what defines an mmd for example tooking tabris video of rin (before he tookit down) it has a higher quality and was trying to set a standard like “everyone should do videos of this quality instead of those 1080p with arse quality” and i understand why he makes the videos on lower resolutions because is more easy to upload,but not only that because his pc specs are quite low not like other mmd video makers so is reasonable to do 1 girl 1 room videos if you have lower pc specs.
    Well one thing i didn’t like was when you used tabris rant in your favor to get more people to donate money to you with you “I won’t insult,i won’t say something bad to you” and things like that but you have to understand his position because while he was making tons of progress on all his projects nobody donated money but people that makes zero progress get tons of money and i think that is unfair to everyone.

    1. I uhh..what? owo I’m sorry if I hit a nerve there or something. I was talking more about stuff like “why are certain stuff like these so rare?” I’m talking about certain textures, backgrounds etc. Maybe we just take things like these for granted. But I was just so suprised it was hard to find stuff like sci-fi-ish textures. But no offense meant, I don’t want to give crap to people like you mentioned.
      (o wo)7 I think I said something very wrong so whatever it was, I don’t mean it and I believe I should just retract it.
      (o wo)/ but I still hold my position that… these sci-fi ish thingies we see, those abstract shapes that you see prettying up the screens or whirling around project diva-ish stages, I just find it absurd that they’re rare to find.

      1. Well sadly HUD are difficult to get because people has stoped ripping resources from games because of the games companies.
        Finding stages for mmd well is another problem because modelers have stopped working on those for the simply reason of thiefs and people not giving them credits.
        A place that has resources is this site https://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/D.html since HUDs are 2d sprites you can find some there
        For example here the danganronpa 2 hud https://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/danganronpa2goodbyedespair/sheet/86882/ without going further the shin megami tensei devil summoner HUD https://www.spriters-resource.com/playstation_2/shinmegamitenseidevilsummonerraidoukuzunohavsthesoullessarmy/sheet/68743/
        The HUD i like more is the one tabris ripped for me from the game TERA online which is quite cool and futuristic http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/gameplay/ui-and-controls

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