Pixiv 543 and the return of the Casino Club


neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4543rd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4

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And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treats!



The Prince’s Casino



And so I’ve converted the stage set to resemble more of a casino, that’s enough static parts now it needs more moving stuff like backup dancers or moving props.

I was thinking of some bunny girls or something or girls in bikinis sexily swaggering left and right just like in Balrog’s stage

Though just having them walk back and forth seems a little weird, however given my current camera motions on the stage they are very liable to block interesting views of the rotating displays, so any I’ll put there will need to do something where they generally stay in place and try not to compete with Minagi’s charms.

So the premise I have for this project is to establish our main girl as someone who is on a high station prior to her naked casino dancing. So it’s either a prestigious fighting tournament she entered and she’s just carrying out a penalty for losing, or one of those “the only reason I joined your lopsisded tournament is to get revenge or because I don’t like your evil organization”

Or it could be something she joins not knowing it has those silly penalty game rules.

So why a tournament style fighter premise? Because it means I can have grand looking stages and just have two models to worry about with the intricate animations. At least until the part where the bad girl (yes, it’s a girls’ tournament) does your standard heel tactic of calling in extras to help her.

Or it could be something that’s not action at all. a poker game, or such would do, but I’m illiterate with poker or mahjong and… you get the idea. Plus, such a scene would require tons and tons of dialogue to explain what is going on.

But I suppose I could just make up some kind of silly card game

But even then that would still require exposition.

So here’s the next idea: a non-contact action sport, like racing. Which might sound good but let’s try to break it down. First of all, it won’t take advantage of looking up a girl’s body if it’s some kind of vehicular race.

Nor would a ball sport work since those are usually team activities and team activities wouldn’t work when I’ve made stuff like this to go in Minagi’s rotating displays

I sort of want to expound more on the capture type of video, and spice it up with a trope we see a lot but never get to see it done right most of the time.

I’m talking about the “lead girl is supposedly important and well-known” trope. Most of the time when we see this in hentai it just glances off of our heads because we don’t get to see why she’s so important or respected.

Which is why I decided on the tournament thingy or at least an action based one because i can introduce her as this ass-whooping bad ass and that makes her h-scenes have more impact and really get that concept of “whoa! this important and well-respected girl is doing that now? omg!” the impact it deserves.

However the hamburglar outfit and the shota guy in a military type of suit which makes me think of royalty make me think that maybe the premise should be she’s some kind of pirate

Why not? just cover up her chest so she can still tease the hell out of the viewers for a couple of minutes during her intro and give her a pirate hat, and then to tug on the audience’s heartstrings a little more, establish her as some kind of robin hood and the kingdom she’s plundering booty from is a dick to everybody.

Set it up in a fictional semi-fantasy world as opposed to contemporary times and that should smooth out the use of contemporary stage designs (i.e. electrical lights), contemporary clothing, and a reason to use magical/sci-fi effects and elements.

And there you go! Your typical capture-and-humiliation-by-a-powerful-force trope except that this time, instead of the stuff in Happy School (not to be confused with Happy Happy School) I’ll spend a little more time in introducing our girl to make those H scenes more meaningful.

Because most of the time, I feel that the embarassment factor in the girl’s head isn’t usually that felt. Which is understandable of course, when you consider a completely new video that doesn’t have much time to impress upon the viewer any form of meaningful character development. But then again who needs character development for H, right? Well, if it’s used properly like say… fanservice ridden development scene that teases you with her sexy outfit, I suppose that should still work to get the audience thinking into “wow, that’s a smoking hot outfit she’s got on, now I wanna see how she’s going to lose that.”

Anyway, back to work, Stay Wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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3 thoughts on “Pixiv 543 and the return of the Casino Club”

  1. What if Minagi and her loli posse were well known bounty hunters who’s M.O. is dressing as pirates. They are hired by the casino owner to get back a big chunk of money he lost to some biker gang that dresses in paramilitary outfits? The gang leader is a big time gambler so the scheme involves a high stakes poker game and the house will rig the deck so Minagi is delt a winning hand. But the bikers cheat ( card up his sleeve) and his royal flush beats Minagi’s full house ( saucer eyes for Minagi and bunny pirate crew when he lays his cards on the table).
    Now the angry casino owner (Don Duck?) makes the lolis strip and dance in his main theater stage to earn back some of what they’ve lost and of course giant crowds turn out (line extends for blocks) when word gets out. After a jiggly, humiliating time on stage the girls head out to hunt down the bikers who have taken up residence in a much seedier strip club where Chloe and friends are dancing. Minagi and her girls left the casino in such a rush the forgot they were required to check their guns/swords with the club’s security. So when they go to take down the bikers and reach for their pistols all they’ve got is empty holsters. EEEEK! The boys quickly overwhelm them and fuck them. The crowd jeers as the girls are gang banged on stage. When it’s over, Minagi and her cum covered friends get tossed out on their asses into the street.
    I bet you’ve got a lot of archived material that could fit in such a scenario. And it would set up a good Part 2 for down the road. Always leave your audience begging for more, right? 🙂

  2. Another nonverbal way to establish Minagi as a VIP would be to show people filming her with their iPhones as she makes her way through the casino crowds. Have her pose for photos with some suits like the casino owner, or politicians; handshakes with flashbulbs going off everywhere. Perhaps have her pause here and there to sign a few autographs for fans and wave to photographers. That should help cement the idea in the viewer’s mind that she is some sort of celebrity who they’ve previously seen on tv, stage, or in competition.

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