Return of the Pixiv Dailies and still extracting more loops


So it’s been one, or two days? I lost count since I started posting the new set of Pixiv Dailies for Project Rin 2017

I’m still in the process of ripping gifs which does take a while to complete. It’s a vicious process, since the wait time while it preps the next set of the timeslice is just unbearable that I need to be doing something else while it’s processing it’s easy to get lost. Fortunately at the time of writing I’m already 80 gifs in and more than halfway through.

Gifs, wonderful gifs, easy, portable, and can be posted anywhere. I’ve heard of all kinds of alternate formats, each seemingly promising a few better pixels… it’s just something I can’t take seriously, it’s like saying that simply because I don’t own the latest or most powerful hardware, I have no right to be making views with grand sweeping views of epic looking setpieces, when in fact. I can.

What’s important is that I make my stuff easily accessible, and not have you go through tons of unnecesary drama for such a simple arbitrary task such as uploading them or putting them into your own media.

Not that I won’t consider finding better ways to post HD loops. I’m just saying, we all agree to the fact that we all appreciate having them first in a compact easy to use format you can use anywhere.

Of course do let me know if you prefer I do the hard to reach stuff first.

Progress Report: New Non-dance Motions found

Maybe it’s me but I’m just not being impressed by most of the newer motions lately. There was one certian motion that sort of gained a degree of notoriety for all the stupid rube goldberg indiana jones adventure one needed to undertake just to obtain the password clue. It’s not an adventure I would take, and I was right because after viewing it I was rightly and utterly aghast at how uninspired and generic it was.

And I’m not looking at how un-sexy it was but how even in an SFW context it’s just not impressive. The only thing impressive about it, was that it came from a vocaloid song that sounded like actual singing and not a robot so in other words, an underwhelming choreography for a good song, and only if you knew it wasn’t an actual person singing it but a program.  Plus, it loses it’s impressiveness even more when you use a model other than the vocaloid it was meant for because now it just sounds like any other song.

Which means at this point, it’s back to the old “mix together various choreographies, and only the best parts of them” idea and sprinkle b-rolls here and there.

And speaking of b-rolls, i found some more non-dance motions, especially in the action category.  Of course my attention is divided between the checking out this large collection of motions one by one in MMD as well as converting and ripping the Project Rin 2017 video is bite-sized gif loops, so the process is understandably slow. going and it’s something I guess will persist throughout the rest of the day, or at least until I get all the good loops out of Project Rin.


Among some suggestions I’ve been asked before is why I don’t use certain effects. While I won’t name them here so as not to give the wrong idea, I don’t use them simply because they feel like a poor contrivance and it feels like pointless, brainless, bandwagon riding.

It’s like if I started writing this blog in multicolored text and expected those who hate it are terrible people who should go away because they refuse to accept these changes. Or that people who experience some tragic disaster in their life should stop being whiny pussies and welcome the change.

Case in point. Gifs, and why simply jumping to the “more advanced format” is simply absurd. Gifs can be uploaded anywhere and read anywhere. If I say, pick some weird new format for the sake of being new, then it loses the point of me having to upload it and make it freely downloadable because it’s own format renders it impossible to only select sites that would support it.

It’s like saying I should totally take down my iwara and pixiv simply because it’s not up to par with the HD quality of my actual vids.

And this is why I cannot accept any opinion or estimation outside of my own without careful deliberation on my part and tactful delivery to yours truly.

Just about everything presented to me has always, always without exception a highly opinionated view, one that has been caught up in blind hype and a rabid need for some false validation to see their opinions asserted. Something anyone with a thinking, logical mind can attest is just wrong.

Which is why I’m glad to announce that I won’t be hopping into the dumb bandwagon and willbe  proceeding at the same quality of effects that I’ve always been using.

Now to just make it clear that I’m not being one-sided I looked up these so called effects and… it’s a clusterfuck of a rube goldberg machine that reminds me of this.

You see it’s one thing to make a detailed scene. But having to make it such a drama-ridden clusterfuck of a file format to play for the sake of arbitrarily decided standard of quality is just wrong.

It’s like bowlroll all over again with all the unnecessary passwords, even for the most mundane things ever, to say nothing of the rules. Like, I’ve seen cars have such obnoxiously difficult passwords. What are people going to do that car? Have it dance to Love andJoy with it’s hood open and spooge dripping out of it’s tailpipe? Spend hours editing the car to look realistically smashed and then animate the scene simply because that car is a brand the video maker didn’t like? How many of these video makers are such passionate car nuts?

As you can pretty much tell, the mood is just soured today. Now it’s not like I’m going to drop what I’m doing and sulk but I do have to say it’s sure is difficult to get so creative when it just nags at you so badly. And while yes I shouldn’t care about such things, let’s just say some these came from hiterto agreeable personalities.

I know it’s one thing to have an opinion, but to be such a confrontational toxic dick about it, it’s just uncalled for.

Anyway back to work for me. Yes I’m irritated today, but I’m trying to not let it get to me.


Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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