Minagi’s Vamp Form



This project had mutated into a sort of spiritual sequel for my MMO Parody Project and it’s making me think of either a necromancer or perhaps a look into the comedy villain’s point of view, maybe in dealing with their incompetent dime-a-dozen minions.

Basically that means I’ll probably try to mix in some action scenes like fighting and maybe parkour or whatnot.  Kinda like Terragaia did, and maybe do a better job compared to the last time.

The back part of the costume needs a little more designing done before I’m satisfied as well as a few touches here and there.

My plan is to build on the central dance scene first, kind of like showing off Minagi’s bat cave where she dances around while her minions do random stuff. However, Minagi dancing around with just two minions accompanying her does feel like a step back compared to the MMO Parody where Airin has a whole guild with her.

I do know for a fact that the MMO Parody is supposed to be a lampoon of the MMO player’s experiences, and Minagi’s is different as it is more about a show’s tropes. And it bothers me because it makes me think I’m just downgrading stuff, which is why to help me feel better about it I need to be considering what other big setpiece scenes this video will need.  3

The plan right now is to sift through my library and start with any motions that don’t require much editing or adjustment on my part, after which I’ll see what kind of other models and stages I can add on to that one.

Stay wiggly!

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