Designing her alternate costumes


For now I’m going to let the hello kitty on her socks stay since I haven’t found any good replacements yet. Btw, aside from already being associated with Airin’s preppy design, that accessory is actually composed of lots of material layers and I want to lighten up Minagi’s (yes, that’s her name) overall design.

So until I’ve come up with her finalized SFW costume, it’s time for me to get to work on her NSFW costume and it makes me think of a vampire, while that isn’t what she is, I’m ready to roll with it because hey, I’ve never shown what she was supposed to be before, I can be a little more lenient with how I’m going to portray her. I mean, I’m pretty much lewding her already at this point, turning her into a sparkly vampire isn’t going to make it any worse.

After Project Rin 2017 I’ve been very interested with pushing the borderline NSFW. Apart from the Golden Fist, that gravure scene would be one of my favorite parts.

Maybe it’s me but there’s just a charm to it when the girl strips and everyone just keeps their hands to themselves instead of dogpiling her into an orgy. I guess you can say it’s like viewing a magnificent painting and being a gentleman and not scribbling all over it with obnoxious graffiti.

Personally for me, working on this girl is a big deal for me, but I know for a fact just about everyone else is not going to feel the same way. After all, nobody knows about her, I could write volumes about who she’s supposed to be and all that’s going to do is give PTSD to anyone who’s been exposed to some really bad OC’s bio’s.

But at the same time I think there’s something to be made out of this. She is after all, inspired shounen action animes back then and perhaps I could have a hand in lampooning those tropes.

The reason all these ideas are running rampant is because I’m still trying to finalize her costume and therefore hadn’t got to the business of setting her on any serious dancing stage yet, the picture above is really just for checking how tall she is compared to other characters and how she looks under effects. I suppose I could work on that stage a little more or maybe start with a SFW yt version of her video. but even if I do, I wanna make it a little more racier than just a couple of panty shots and generous boob jiggling.

So now, back to finishing up her costumes.

Stay wiggly!

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5 thoughts on “Designing her alternate costumes”

  1. I really like her voluptuous body type. Looking forward to seeing her in action. Her hair though makes me think of David Bowie. On the gravure production of P.Rin17 I really dig the gravure parts of the vids. Like you mentioned its nice to just enjoy them in their glory without getting manhandled. Once the groping and sex starts its more about the action than the figure or beauty. I would actually enjoy just a whole gravure vid of a photo shoot. When you had released the “playground magazine” pics I was actually really excited that there would be some animated footage of all the lolis and their photo shoots like C*ndy D*ll vids, as Rin nervously waited her turn. What vid was it oh the metal gear one with Airin and Charlie on the zrmy base, there were a couple quick clips of Airin modeling that was the best five seconds of the whole vid. It would be fun to see some type of playboy playmate vid where its just gravure and then she gets naked and we get scrolling footage of her and her body in different scenarios, maybe she’s laying in her room like Karens B project gravure scenes, or maybe she’s just walking down the street naked in nothing but a pair of heals with her hair done up, maybe she’s shyly taking off her clothes for who ever is watching. This type of editing arrangment is very enticing. They don’t always have to be up there twerking for the masses.

    It would be cool to see a photo shoot of a very shy girl who hesitates when being photographed and asked to remove her top or panties. Maybe she shakes her head no first and blushes, but after a sec she takes it off but tries to cover her breasts awkwardly with her arms or crosses her legs. Maybe the photographer has her sitting on the floor as she’s naked, and tells her to open her legs wide and set a soccer ball for lack of a better prop between her legs which she agrees as its hiding her goods from view, and then asks her to lift the ball higher. At first she does, without realizing nothing is hiding her anymore, then she quickly figures out she’s now sitting spread eagle and the photographer is taking very lude images. There can be a whole photographer shy model dynamic that could be very fun to watch unfold. Later the photographer talks her into touching herself or posing even more ludely maybe self pleasing with a vibrator. Maybe the photographer talks her into walking out on the street nude for some exhibitionism. There could be a new girl every month.

    1. This is silly for me to say but that kind of idea would require tons and tons of custom-made motions, and even if there were ones already being distributed they would still require a lot of adjustment.

      The main problem for me, is that it would require some kind of narrative and I’ve been always weak in that department, which is why I handled PR2017 that way as a sort of progression, from gravure to hardcore sex with lots of onlookers, and using a sort of calendar to show that she’s being groomed for more lewd acts, oh and having her watch porn.

      I’m really not sure yet on how PR2017’s narrative is, but to test it… What do you think was the plot and how it got to what it was at the ending?

      1. If I may? I saw the clear progression of Rin systematically being groomed, seduced and corrupted, ultimately leaving her childhood behind and becoming a willing “sex slave” to the older girl. I was a bit confused at the opening wondering what parent would send their preteen off to stay at a resort on their own. So I presumed that the older girl was expecting her; maybe she is an older cousin or something who is working at the resort for the summer and promised to look after Rin for a week while the parents escaped for a week of their own. Little did they know that Rin would end up having more adult fun than they would, hur, hur.
        So the redhead, knowing she’s got Rin 24/7 without adult supervision, makes her move. She leaves some magazines and videos lying around for Rin to discover. Casually tells her that her “hobby” is shooting young budding models, then she feeds Rin’s ego. She says honestly you are prettier than any of the girls she’s photographed previously and asks if she could take a few shots of Rin on the beach. Flattered, Rin agrees and that afternoon she’s posing in a skimpy bikini.
        That night once Rin’s in her pj’s and watching tv in her room the older girl switches the channel to porn. This is when she says don’t worry, your parents aren’t here, besides you’re “too old” for that kiddie stuff anyway. Then something like, “oh, you didn’t know that’s what girls do?” And Rin says um, I know people kiss ( fingers touching) and her cousin says no silly they do this (finger in the hole). Then suggests they kick back and watch some more and Rin snuggles up with her to feel more comfortable ( kinda like a girl grabs your arm in a scary movie, lol).
        At some point Rin gets coaxed into posing without her suit the next morning. After all, it’s pretty tame compared to the videos they watched all night long. During a pause, Red says her “dream” has always been to make videos like the ones they watched. She tells Rin that I think you’re so sexy and could pull it off, but of course it would have to be your choice. When Rin agrees Red can’t believe it! Her eyes get big as saucers, lol, my favorite gag in the video.
        So the day starts with a few more nudes, then they set up for the video and once Rin is bound and gagged, Red goes to town on her. And Rin has her first orgasm; Red says OMG Rin, you’re really into this sort of stuff aren’t you? You just came so hard your pussy squirted all over me! And Rin thinks, it must be true, because I can’t stop cumming. Red, nom, nom, makes sure she doesn’t, nom, nom, stop, lol. By the time she unties her and let’s her down Rin is “in love”, at least she loves having sex and orgasms.
        Red calls on some friends, says Rin is ready to take the next step. Then she tells Rin they’re going to a studio where they can make a real video and they hop on the tour bus. Red’s friends sample Rin on the ride over, pawing at her, shooting pics on their cell phones, whispering in her ear how sexy she is and how “lucky” she is to have been selected for this “big opportunity”. When they arrive at the studio there are some other starlettes and half dressed lolis there milling about. Some of the film crew quickly give Rin her cues and go over the basic premise of the film. The Golden Fist script, tee hee, poor girl really has no idea what’s about to happen.
        And Action: out comes Rin, naked, gagged, restrained and sporting a big 8″ dildo in her pussy. She does the walk of shame through a crowd of onlookers, every time she starts to cum she’s hit with the riding crops so she can’t finish and she is forced to keep going. Everyone is snickering at her embarrassment. I like how in PR17 version 1.5 Red switches out the pink 8″ for a blue 10″.
        Rin staggers to the main prop, they crown her the BITCH, make her do a dirty dance, then Rin pulls out the vibrator and tells her it’s time for the money shot. Rin straddles the Golden Fist and takes it. She thinks hey, not so bad until one of the handlers smacks her ass and yells “take the whole thing Bitch!” WHAM!!! And just like that, Rin’s now got the fucking fist in her pussy all the way up to the elbow! Mission accomplished, the girl has been broken, she’s got 15 inches crammed in that little loli pussy of hers and it’s all on film!
        So as the credits roll, we see Rin and her cousin spending the rest of her vacation watching porn and eating and fucking each other. Rin may be too young to understand that she has been exploited, but she loves having sex with her slightly older cousin and there will be no going back to teddy bears and fuzzy pajamas!
        At least that’s how I saw it ……. 😊

      2. Pretty close to what I had in mind actually. Though regarding her parents, she’s under the care of her cousin hence why I was so liberal with the “sending her out on her own” bit. Apart from that, the idea was she was invited for a photoshoot and a free stay and Urara would take care of her during the time. Hilarity happens and the two girls “elope”.

        Of course I did put some elements of her canon story in (like she’s just looking for someone to love and care for her) but after being shown some hardcore bdsm porn the gears in her head start to turn like Sex Slave = being taken care of + lots of that sex you want + lots of love = PROFIT so she shyly agrees to be Urara’s sex slave waifu for real.

        As for the girls giggling, it’s not really because Rin doesn’t know about fisting (since she saw Karen’s video several days ago) but that they’re just excited to see Rin try out her first fisting. The movies’ premise is that Rin’s character won unfairly and somehow after tripping on a Len Banana she somehow gets exposed for fraud and that’s why everyone’s taking pleasure in humiliating her, with Urara being her on-screen rival.

  2. Or there could be the prudish girl who refuses any lude poses or outfits, but little does she know that there are hidden cameras in her changing room and shower room capturing her at every angle possible.. Just some thoughts/fantasies keep it wiggly.

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