getting close to finishing the blue girl’s design


So today I’ve tried to tinker with the dance stages as well as try to finish up her clothes, the shirt part was something that took me awhile. After a review of how her physics go, I wanted a design that wouldn’t camouflauge her jiggle physics and voila the one I’m currently showcasing is a much simpler design that draws the eyes and moves, letting you know she’s packing a good pair of fun bags underneath.

I really want her to spend some time in this outfit. After all this is a character you don’t know anything about. Therefore any scenes she’s not wearing anything isn’t as strong as say… a popular girl undressing.

Now some might say “but Erin! Didn’t your Airin totally floor it when she showed up?” That’s something I prefer to call Brute Force.

By Brute Force, that means going really heavy with the visuals to portray something. And as many are probably guessing, there are limits to brute force. Even without taking more popular characters into account, there’s only so much you can come up with until it starts going stale.

That’s pretty much one of the reasons why i’ve been holding back on that grand stage I’ve showed in previous posts. If you’ve seen my previous works that feature prominent dancing scenes you’d notice I’ve been using them quite a lot that I feel they’re starting to lose their charm. Those stages are supposed to be huge events, standing there is supposed to feel like everyone you care about is there watching you and quite a lot of my projects fail to deliver that feeling, that it’s just a random event out of nowhere.  It needs to feel significant, not just pretty.

So the setting for this project, lemme give a short background first. This character is pretty old and is probably the first I’ve ever thought of (changes and stuff nonwithstanding), and she predates Airin (a character specifically built for H) so lewding her actually feels like doing another doujinshi job, except that it’s a doujinshi only one person knows about.

This character was inspired from the stuff that interested me back then, action-themed shounen manga, comedy animes, etc. So it’s fair to say, she’s your typical cheerful, outgoing, and rather rebellious character.

Now as I said yesterday, I’m not too keen in just giving her a “warrior girl loses in a fight against monsters and sex begins” because we don’t know much about her to know how significant it is for her to be put in that situation. As far as everyone is concerned she is a nobody that we are just supposed to accept everything that’s told about her at face value, and that’s something I’m just not convinced by.

It’s like some of those humiliation mangas I’ve seen that try to pass off their princess or that school’s most popular girl and it sounds like they just roped up some random girl instead. There’s no bystanders murmuring “OMG, THE proud bitch that everybody outwardly respects and inwardly hates? This is awesome!” or “omg, why the princess? she was such a kind ruler who sacrificed a lot to protect little people like us” we hardly get any of that.

But meanwhile we get a vanilla sex scene of a girl we adore and regardless of how plain it is, we all go like “hnnnng yes! that was cute!” because we know and love this character and therefore anything that happens to her feels great.


So, tropes. Since I’m going to be honest with myself and deliver this project by trying to lampoon some tropes, or work on ones that I think could have been done better. Make no mistake, this is going to be an H project and I’m allergic to random out of nowhere slut girls.

Blackmail tropes also sound rather contrived.  The reason being, is that if she’s a “monster killing bad ass by day” and an NTR bitch at night, it feels too easy that i might as well just do a sex scene and that’s that and therefore just might as well have used another character.

Or maybe that’s it. I’ll just have to come up with another girl to do that instant fanservice and somehow link that to our spiky haired girl’s prospect of getting laid later.

I’ve come across some more contemporary manga that mix the damsel in distress as a plot device to get the readers wanting more and therefore endure page after page of sausage fest fighting that they don’t really care about.

That and I like how some of them also dont’ just whip out their sausages and go to town. That detachment for me is a charm that I think needs to be used more.

So that’s it for today, after I complete spiky hair girl’s costume (those hello kitty shoe accessories need to GO) I’ll work on the second girl who’ll will probably be that project’s dark horse when it comes to satisfying the audience with her h scenes.

In a way, I’m going to let one character provide us with the quick and easy h scenes but at the same time build up another character to make the wait for her worth it.

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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3 thoughts on “getting close to finishing the blue girl’s design”

  1. omg i love the colors the more shining ones it truly make her feel different more alive as a character love it

    1. thanks! we’re almost done with her regular clothes design. i just need something to replace those hello kitty things on her legs, the girly pink stripes already soften up her tomboyish grunge look, and it’s hard for me to take her seriously with those on if i’m going to have her do some action stuff.

  2. La Blue Girl! She needs that little blue sidekick, what was his name, Ming Ming or something? So no ideas regarding her, but for her debauchery soaked screen partner, I think Karen has a younger sister who’s favorite food happens to be creampie with a healthy side of exhibitionism and she has been known to squirt in public at random locations for fun like a graffiti tag or something, leaving innocent bystanders soaked in the nectar of her loins. Like those “sharking” vids where a girl is randomly splooged on by a random perv or gets her top yanked down. Kinda like that only cookie fun style. I think that would make the perfect counter balance to la blue girl. Maybe they can scissor at some point like its an orgasm contest or something or maybe that’s how girls settle scores now, they scissor. Food for thought! 😀

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