New Project is an old character


For me that is. Remember back in your days in the classroom when you got too much animu and mango and too much free time and some paper to work with?

Well, she didn’t look like that at all. In fact it’s been years since I’ve bothered with this character again. Unlike Airin, this one existed before the need to lewd everything, so that wasn’t her purpose.

I remembered this one a few days ago and I’ve begun to rebuild her. Well she’s only existed in paper so far, a 2D piece of media. But today she’s now becoming a bunch of 3d polygons.

In fact, she hardly looks anything I’ve drawn before. But back then the concept of drawing pattens and plaids were beyond me, as was the concept of color. I’ve restricted myself to drawing in pencil or pen; a jumble of lines all in the varying shades of one color.

Now I want to talk about color, and those who may potentially ramble like a drone about color matching and stuff. First I want to lay down the context regarding design, demographics, and exposure.

First, it’s a known fact that majority of character designers are men. So when it comes to designing male heroes, they know exactly what their colors will be that conform to the image of a testosterone packed bad-ass. Now when it comes to female characters, particularly those who supposed to be girly and all, at first glance it seems rather easy, just give them pink or yellow or something like that, however, most are simply unaware that they’re unconsciously still importing some of those masculine qualities over, like making it the cover 90% of their attire.

Let’s put it another way. Imagine an American writing about a story that takes place in Japan. He can give them authentic Japanese names and have the prescence of mind to use honorifics and a few phrases here and there, but in the end it still looks and feels like an American film.  Why? Because the American writer needs to step out of their box and experience what it is truly like to live in Japan. Cultural things like how people interact with each other, how important promises are, no matter how minor and trivial they may seem.

Ever notice how real Japanese people don’t talk like anime characters? There’s lots of pauses that seem like they’re clumsily pawing at their own vocabulary but for all we know, it might be a combination of making their sentence clear by pausing between coherent fragments like a kind of aural punctuation, and as a way to be polite and unassuming. I’ve seen so much scenes of Japanese people in American movies talking like anime characters that it’s ridiculuous.

And so, my experience tells me, by going out and seeing other perspectives (like actually reading a fashion magazine and checking out fashion venues) tell me that the colors and design I have chosen clearly adhere to these principles. The only thing the design doesn’t conform to, is that of a brooding sullen bad-ass. No, I’m working on a character that is outgoing, outspoken, and cheerful. Not a drab emo otherwise I would have just dressed her in all black.

I think the real reason anime-centric people have trouble trying to make a convincing school scene in the west is because they’ve railroaded themselves into thinking everybody goes to school dressed like they’re in a goth convention when they don’t understand the Context those uniforms were built that way in the first place and it was to be as far possible from being trendy or fashionable. The context in Japan to have a superhero in an all black military styled uniform is to make them look like the every day boy or girl.

People who disagree have railroaded themselves into an uninspired uncreative binary train of though that either you look like a washed out monochrome piece or pennywise the clown.

It’s unfortunate and sad for anyone to restrict themselves like that. It reminds me of the people who’ve been trapped in brutal authoritarian regimes and haven’t experienced good old American democracy and freedom of speech.

Yeah that was intentionally satirical right there but you get the idea.

Here’s some more irony with this context.

Either you’re trapped in that emo/clown binary or you can see there’s more to it. Nice Paradox. But true nonetheless.

At this point, I think it’s really too late for anyone to have a closed-minded attitude where I’m concerned.  I’ve always been on the forefront of trying new things, or trying to put a different spin to it.

But if it helps anyone’s OCD, trust when I say that if I’m doing it, it’s actually a thing, like actual fashion… and asking me to conform to the “fashion” “standards” of other comic book artists is like asking a child to choose between braindead saturday morning cartoons to the great classics.

It’s just not an acceptable opinion nor an educated one.

So, now that I have rightly set aside any notions of misguided and/or uneducated views, let’s open up the table for the real topics of change, and that is the optimal design for her socks and shirt.

considering the shirt’s over her boobs and the socks are on her legs, that’s a good place to direct the eyes to since that’s where the fanservice takes place.

Suffice to say, there’s going to still be some changes. First off the stockings and shirt will probably need a different color and a different design. We can’t always rely on pantyshots for fanservice while she’s dressed and there’s only so much that good physics can do on a shirt, so the design I have to replace it with has to make her chest noticeable when it jiggles.

The reason I’m fussing a lot about her clothed design is that I want to spend some time in it for her project. The easiest solution is to make it one of those “magical girl warrior fights for a bit then gets fucked by monsters” however it’s not that simple.

These things can work with established characters. And I mean, PROPERLY established which pretty much means, the concept of humilating a high and mighty characters is comically ineffective and yes I said it, out of everyone who’s attempted them only very few actually work.

Why? Because information about these characters’ info are just spoonfed for us when the cardinal rule of a visual medium is to not tell but show. She might as well just had sex with some random guy between fights and that just completely undermines any tension because now the fight scenes or whatever action scenes now become just filler instead of scenes worth watching.

People watching something like this feel just like I do and that is “omg another contrived and boring scene, just skip to the sex already because I can’t care for it when she’s just a cock hungry slut.” and if I was going to take that route, I shouldn’t have bothered to make this character in the first place. That’s not what I’m about. I’m not interested in uncreative boring pursuits. It’s good when you’re starting out but when you’ve been in it after a week or two, you have to evolve, it’s the only choice worth taking.

So one way is to be a sort of deconstruction. Considering this character is someone inspired from various animes in my youth, I could poke fun at some of the tropes like the “mandatory tournament arc” where the heroes try to validate themselves and squeeze out a little more development time by fighting some randomly hashed out enemies.

Karen’s retro project did this by poking fun at the exploitation genre by skipping all subtlety so what I need to do is review some of the old as well as new titles today and see what I can do to give it that Cookie Fun Touch

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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2 thoughts on “New Project is an old character”

  1. im not good with fashion designs because i like mostly everything, i like how the character looks right now actually (maybe change her face a bit for some reason you characters faces are too similar to each other. im not saying is bad but is hard to feel the difference). what im more interested is the kind of setting for the character… do you have ideas?

    1. i’m letting the faces stay the same because in anime…well the only thing that’s really distinguishing them from each other is their hair XD it’s a trope i wanna keep. anyway with that loud blue spiky hairm, it makes her different from airin or charlie, etc.
      the setting for the character is a modern one, and she was an old character inspired during my hyper weaboo days (nowadays i’ve been cynical due to lack of innovation from most lately) so i guess shounen tropes would be a good place to start. in other words, she may serve as a contemporary version of karen’s retro project, since i can only do retro in fantasy or sci-fi as vintage furniture and settings are very few and far between in mmd. ( ‘w’ )/

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