(owo) Project Rin 2017 Iwara Edition (owo)



It’s finally completed after a month and half (or maybe more) working on Rin’s project. Now, just a recap of the stuff I said about this project, first off, it’s a standalone and a rewrite. It’s not a continuation but rather a reboot of Rin’s project. To be honest, the concept of Rin doing any more perverted stuff… just feels contrived after some point. I mean, sure, it’s all about WHO is it being done to that has a huge impact on things but at the same time, do we really need such a long harangue of one h-scene after another? Maybe, but for me, it just feels a contrivance for the sake of content.

I felt this way after Project May Ep.2, that and of course Rin’s old body was simply not in anyway conducive for any stuff like that. I mean, it only works if she was like… placed in camera angles where you can’t clearly see the object clipping through her body.

This was a huge decision for me since after all, most are more familiar with her usual body and stuff but I know this is a welcome change.

Now, I’m going to be straight with everyone here and say I’m having a severe case of oppai withdrawal so the next couple of projects will be back to Airin and friends and their jiggly boobs. Let’s just say before the stupid drama with my old PC, I had Airin’s jiggliness optimized in ways you’ve never seen before.

That could also explain why a certain scene is missing from the project, because I really felt that was a scene that really needed boobs.

Seriously, why less features? BIG, JIGGLY SOFT BOOBS bouncing around, I really need to make more of them. The baby face can sure say “business up front” but below that it’s gotta be a party! Seriously.

Anyway, you can watch it online here


I can’t thank everyone enough ~( ‘w’ )~

EDIT: and here’s the HD dl


Unzip Pass is 2+1coo+kies4+2  without the plusses.

Stay wiggly!

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11 thoughts on “(owo) Project Rin 2017 Iwara Edition (owo)”

    1. project rin 2017 ep2? not really solid on that one yet. but then again urara and rin do have an interesting relationship going on. i was getting so tired of the “i’m master, i say this, you do that” formula that after project may, it felt like another rin ep of that would just feel like a rip off of my older stuff. basically, it felt like it was going stale and needed a new direction.

      1. i was asking about if the dividing into 2 episodes is still gonna be a thing and you left a good possible sequel with the credits sequence so i hope to see more whenever you feel like it

  1. btw one of the best you have done i truly like it, dancing is cool and all but not all videos can be about dancing that is why i love this one and it didnt feel rush i truly felt the transition. but… i do hope you do another one of striping dancing you do them so well

    1. thank you! i really planned it to be the antithesis of the original project rin, being voluntary as opposed to coercion (albeit shy and reluctant at first) and of course, very little dancing. I did put some but they were really meant to feel contrived and awkward because a.) rin is shy about this and therefore will not be able to mentally call on any skill she might have and b.) they’re shooting a cheesy porno flick, so naturally even if rin wasn’t being shy about it, she just needs to get straight to the point and show what they audience wants to see.

  2. Well that was smokin’ HOTT! And long enough for a couple of faps, haha. Great story, well conceived. Seriously, I don’t think there’s anything out there like it; truly original.
    Just want to thank you and everyone who contributed on this massive effort. I know how difficult it’s been with all the hardware issues, being forced to rebuild so many files, hunt down so many props and models. But you persevered and what an epic vid you have to show for it!
    The corruption of Rin! So who gets credit for seducing her, Urara, or Karen, lol. Those endless dirty flicks of Karen performing such brazen acts in public must get some credit. I hope some day Rin gets the chance to meet her in person 😉
    I know you took some flack for altering Rin’s appearance. I’m not really a fan of big boobs either, but thought you did a nice job of making Rin’s little titties just perky enough. You really got to be fucking nuts to criticize that video!
    The only thing I’d change is the name of the cheesy porn flick they were filming. More like “The Golden ARM”, hahaha! Jeez! She took that thing all the way to the elbow! Well, she might have been shy and innocent before, but Urara has let that cat out of the bag, lol, and their ain’t no going back for our favorite little loli. Once again, congratulations on a smashing success – 3939

    1. Thank you so much! Regarding the boobs, there was really no saving it. It has something to do with how mmd applies shadows and stuff and basically regardless of how small you make them, the shadows will always create that optical illusion that she’s packing a sizeable pair, so with that my only option was to have them stick out a bit, and besides I was planning to have someone play with them anyway so they had to stick out. You know the saying in anime “they grow when someone they love touches them”

  3. What no enema? I think that would have been a nice touch during her walk of shame lulz. Soo it was nice, I like the story telling, I see this as the future of Cookie town productions. She was most beautiful when she was in her glory with the flower headdress, that was my fav part, reminded me of Eva Ionesc*. My only gripe, and Ihave to have one being the critical asshole that I am is would this work have been better starring Jackie? I mean it feels like Rin was crowbarred into this role. It was a more mature developed Rin yet it seemed to have taken place before Project Rin 2015? I know you mentioned it as a rehash standalone project but given the lineage of your works its an offshoot. So instead of modifying an established character to fit the role, why not use one already established? Would love to see more of all those little loli’s standing in the background at the studio. I loved Karens cameos and also would like to see the vids off to the side of the slave vid, “Airins supebowl extravaganza” and the “1000 man iron loli challenge” or whatever the titles were. Bring on the big bouncing breasts.

    1. thanks for the input! (‘w’)/ I’m not a fan of scat so i don’t do enemas and stuff XD. as for the videos on the youtube parody site, they’re actual videos i already released, karen project b extra material something thingy, and iron loli. speaking of rehash the next one might be the big boobs version with another girl, but of course with different scenes, especially ones that take advantage of boob physics owo

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