Filling Up Act 2

neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4Filling Up Act 2neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4

Act One has been sealed tight and now it’s time to get to work to Act 2 where the fun stuff starts off.
Dressing Rin up in cute costumes just adds to her charm, definitely. And they said build ups aren’t necessary. Obviously they don’t know what they’re talking about.
And now for some gripes I wanna share.
So one of the things I do while working on my project is to scour youtube for various tutorials and tips and one of the most common things I always run up to is this idiotic need to not recap some basics, but basically dedicate up to nintey percent of the content to stuff we didn’t come for.
Let me give an example. Say you wanna look up, tips on what are good ideas for b-rolls, or composition, or blocking and framing. You load up a video and you’re at seventy percent done with the video and most of them are still yammering on and on about what gear they use and what lens settings like… OH SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Let me present it another way. Say I wanna make a tutorial in how to use a certain effect in MMD, say how to use the pmot skin controller.
Now instead of me saying stuff like “this slider changes that” I instead give a sweeping history of MMD, who made it, where to find it, how to find MME, and how to get it to work… instead of talking about the stupid effect in the first place.
Logic dictates, that if someone’s looking up an advanced topic like this, a short recap is all that’s needed and only when it is absolutely relevant to the topic onhand.
For example, in teaching a lesson in Calculus, you don’t need teach Arithmetic all over again, because a solid grasp of adding and subtracting is integral to this advanced field of mathematics. Recap would only be needed if say, it starts to pull certain concepts from more advanced ones like formulas and theories in Algebra, or Geometry.
I’d like to think there’s more for me to learn out there but sometimes the more I look up these tutorials… look, I know I’m no expert or professional in this, but the topics I keep seeing… no I’m not learning something new. I’m not finding some new tip I could take advantage of. Majority of all ideas I employ still come from my own head rather than something I picked up outside. Simply learning the conventional nomenclatures aren’t even that important since b-rolls, insert shots, intermediary shots, inbetween shots, all bring to any mind the same idea.  The concept of using framing and composition remains the same regurgitated ideas that I’ve already instinctively emulated even before I knew what to call it.
You know where I end up learning more stuff from? Games, and other stuff the ignorant crowd considers as “non-education, brain-rotting stuff” I’ve ran across so many discourses on cinematography and most of them are just the interviewee’s sob stories. Nobody cares if you grew up in a poor family and you’re some poor schmuck who wanted to make movies as a kid, we didn’t come to hear your biography, what we want are the concepts and principles that they adhere to when doing stuff.
I’ve been told to keep my mind open and yet when i try to look outside, it was the same as my preconceptions were: a garbage dump with the occassional lily growing from the rubbish.
So here’s my advice to you folks reading this, before you start a tutorial, throw out all the useless recap to the garbage where it belongs. If your tutorial is how to do triple aerial backflips, we don’t need a lesson on how to stand, because if someone doesn’t know how to stand, then they have no business trying out how to do the barrel roll.
If the tutorial is about concepts and ideas then all the rubbish about how to operate equipment is not necessary. Someone who doesn’t know how to operate a chainsaw safely deserves to get carved by their own tools when trying to juggle five of them. Let the noobs do their homework, it’s not your responsbility to walk them through the beginning because otherwise, you’re just a useless waste of time.
And this does have something to do with my project. I know the difference between creating a build up and wasting people’s time. Showing Rin in cute and/or sexy situations is a good build up, because you want to see more of her unfold.
These outfits hide her figure.They give her that cute innocent look which makes the h scenes much sweeter when they do happen.
What I’m doing, is how things should be done. This is how you introduce your subject. It creates interest and draws them in. It hasn’t gotten yet to what you were expecting but it’s not boring you away either, in fact, it’s creating a delicious dichotomy of making her look even more desirable without even showing much of her.
The opposite is what these “tutorials” I’ve been wasting time on have been doing: Wasting Time.
Now I know what you’re thinking, “Erin! You’re only saying that because your camera is virtual” and let me counter that flawlessly with: Not all equipment work the same way, so showing us how your X900 Camera with HDLRSIECKAREMSDCKAEKADIAERER can do this and that is moot because not everyone would have had them and therefore would probably not have the settings or have them but be difficult to find or bring to that level.

Oh look, two apparently identical phones, and a chockfull of new features between them. What’s that? 13 glorious minutes of discussion? Obviously, they’re far from just having few differences from each other.
Yes I know what you’re thinking now “point taken, Erin, you are right, it’s moot to talk about equipment settings in a tutorial that’s supposed to be about technique” apologies accepted, you’re welcome.
The best tutorials out there are the ones that are purely on the technique, theory, and principles… you know, the non-physical stuff. ESPECIALLY when the thing you were searching for happens TO BE, the non-physical stuff.

And that concludes today’s rant.

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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3 thoughts on “Filling Up Act 2”

  1. Per your tweet I see you are working on more character “interaction” which is code for loli photo shoot, turned NSFW shoot, turned Yuri ecchi opportunity. Good. I hope you’re busting your ass, lol. I don’t mind missing updates when I know you are concocting some quality porn for mass consumption. 🙂

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