Project Rin Teaser and Finishing Act One

Sorry I’ve been busy for a couple of days, it’s not easy finding non-dance motions in MMD much less ones that don’t look horrible.


Teaser for Project Rin (2017)

We’re getting there!



neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4Finishing up Act Oneneko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4

My solution to connect the discordant scenes I’ve created so far, (the dance scene, the parade thingy, and the beach house yuri action) was to revert to my regular round of tutorial vids about composition, plot, and general tips and tricks.

Since I haven’t thought of yet other big setpiece events to use, I’ve been focusing on bridging them together.
And the keyword is…
Tone, along with Context make the same scenes feel really different and can shine a new light on them, even though you’ve probably seen the same thing in lesser flicks.
Think of all the hokey boring uninteresting pay-off scenes in bad movies then go back to the ones you really enjoy and you’ll notice at their core, they’re pretty much the same, but the romance movies you like, makes them really great and uplifting while in bad films they just make you want to roll your eyes.  Probably a defense mechanism to check if your brain hasn’t rotted away with the boredom you’re forced to watch at the matinee theater.
These are really silly and cringy but funny thing is, the really good ones have them too, but delivered in such a better way or in a different context that it doesn’t elicit giggles.
So anyway, what I’m working on at the moment is the intro. I’ve made it clear to myself I’m not really going to aim for any of the complex stripping scenes (because hey, I pretty much pioneered it)
Instead I’m going to work on something else; the audience’s brain.
And there we go! I totally ripped out the “Rin is a super slut” preconception everyone and their mothers have on her with those cute pajamas and figure-destroying sweater and skirt. Yes she may look fat in that casual clothes and that’s the point; it makes you want to see what she looks without them. That’s Build-Up.
Lemme step back a bit and address the elephant in the room; “why did it take so long to make the next Rin project?” because of the preconception everyone’s had about her, it just makes her so boring to work with. The super slut idea everyone gets has on her just gives her an image that’s more cartoony than the genre she originally was in. These character types are so boring, and even if they say “well she canonically is sort of like that.” the answer is actually no, because everyone in their playground days was pretty much huddling together ogling at a porno magazine or discussing in hushed whispers about the birds and bees and their crushes with the faculty.
I mean, if you haven’t had that childhood, I just feel SORRY for you. The point is, she isn’t special at all. “Student has crush on teacher” is as old as time itself and just as fresh as a Dark and Stormy Night. Everyone’s heard about the birds and bees in the playground, the classroom, and the cafeteria, and everyone’s had that  guy or girl in school who boasts about their fictional escapades. or the 2nd hand story they heard from their brother’s best friend’s sister.
 And this is why it’s important for me then, to set the tone immediately on who Rin is, otherwise the payoff is just so weak, and not worth the effort. I need to show her as a more or less ordinary girl who doesn’t barge into the men’s toilet and drain them of their life like some succubus.

Stay wiggly!

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2 thoughts on “Project Rin Teaser and Finishing Act One”

  1. Nice tease! Hot! Is this a slightly older sexual partner introducing Rin to Yuri sex? I bet she blushed when she came all over the redhead’s face, lol. IMO I never saw Rin as a super slut. To the contrary I view her as an ordinary kid, no more, but also no less curious about sex than her peers. But her childhood innocence was pretty much ripped away when Kagame Kuro cattle prodded her into submission, kidnapped her and pimped her out of the back seat of a car before coercing her into performing a lewd dance in a night club with a singing shark. Since then she’s been bombarded on a regular basis with acts of depraviity that sometimes call for her participation. Rin’s conundrum is that morally she views this as wrong, but it feels so good she won’t say “no”. Now she is immersed in a new lifestyle and it has become all she knows. The abnormal has become normal behavior for her to the extent that she no longer bats an eye when asked to strip and masturbate publicly. That’s likely not entirely accurate, but to my point, I don’t believe Rin was born a raging nymphomaniac either.

    1. Sorry i wasn’t able to approve the comments lately, but yeah i have read them and I’m thinking more of the lines of this new rin project to be a rewrite and not a sequel. she’s just no fun anymore and it’s not like i can make use of her flashback scenes anyway.

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