Pixiv 526, Spring Blossomy, with a slight chance of Extras

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And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


tumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzrthank you very much for your support!tumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzr

Spring Blossomy with Occassional Bursts of Extras

A burst of extras it might be, something that I’m considering heavily, though if I do that’ll be like contrary to my original idea of it being a Kokonoe Rin project, which is already crowded with Kanna and Chloe being there.

But if I do this idea of actually making some kind of sports games, what would they be? Well first off, I’ve done the front view part of the arena version of the screen, which is suprisingly requires less assets compared to the city version.

As for the rearview, i still need to construct the animated crowd frame by frame.

So, what would those events be?

Soccer came to mind, since all it would require is some slides, kicks, and running.

Okay, those gifs might look sexy but uhhh… the lolis onstage pretty much have that beat already. And no, simply flooding the screen with more than three naked girls on it doesn’t work. Nobody was applauding the idea of the Marshmallow Pit in my concert video, so it’s pretty clear that quantity is going to trump quality anytime soon.

Plus, how many girls would I also need to create for this? Even if we have Rin, Kanna, and Chloe going overtime on the B-roll roster, what about the others? Kinomoto Sakura, ChibiUsa and Hinata Hyuga are what immediately come to mind. Ruri Hoshino is a possibility except that.. well, her hair isn’t something I can find anymore. Some of the Touhou Girls are also possibilities. Off the top of my head are: Tewi, Chen, Cirno, Daiyosei, Remilia, Flandre, and possibly Reimu and Marisa as well.

But wait! I can hear you say. What about those streakers that interrupt games? Well it’s simple really, no big boobs allowed in the field.

So then, while it sounds like a great novel idea…it seems to be that I’ll just be clogging up the video with not-that sexy motions. I suppose there is a sort of charm to it, considering that beside their lack of dress they’re not really actively flaunting it. A compromise would be not to clog it too much and just focus on the half-time show.

Then again, compared to just a show in the city park and… well, an orgy doesn’t sound too far off considering what’s happening on stage so…

Decisions, decisions…

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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6 thoughts on “Pixiv 526, Spring Blossomy, with a slight chance of Extras”

  1. personally, I would like to see nude sports without the sex. I don’t think I would be the only one. I like the little previews. Everything doesn’t have to be SEX, your characters are sexy enough. Would be really fun.

  2. Seems like a lot of work for a little context. Its been awhile since we’ve seen anything from cookieland too, maybe keep it simple? Show the team running off the field as the halftime show is starting or something? Reminds me of the totem poles on the spaceship, might be that unknown variable that sends the whole production into a tailspin.

    1. The compromise I had in line was just to keep them really short, if ever to make the scenes at all. The good news is that I’m still working on the actual event of the girls’ dancing but while I’m doing so, I’m aware that I’ll be needing B-rolls anyway so it’s a good idea to ponder what those would be. Random round-the-mill sex scenes would have been an obvious choice of course, but everyone’s getting tired of them just popping out that it feels like contrived filler content. So, I thought maybe we need something new.

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