525th Pixiv, Return of the Gif Effects, and new B-roll ideas?

neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4525rd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4

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And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


tumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzrthank you very much for your support!tumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzr

Different Ideas for B-Rolls and Return of the GIFs

The original Idea I had or B-rolls and Center Screen ideas were smaller affairs, i.e. not taking place in big venues, however considering that it’s rather unlikely for me to use the three screen setup lately, that means that no Center Screens mean more scrutiny to the details and stuff. In short, when constructing these B-rolls it means that there shouldn’t be such a noticeable drop in quality in them, otherwise it’ll just look like a hodgepodge of a mess.

Now as for trying to convert the stage from a city into an arena (yes I’m still playing around with that idea) I do have some good news, my ability to get MMD to play gifs again has been restored, albeit via using a newer effect. Which is strange considering that everyone else who had the same effect I’ve been using in MMD 7.39 worked well with their MMD 9.26. How or why, I have no idea, still, it’s good that feature is back.

Not that I’m promising that such an animated crowd would be at 60fps or anything but least it would be better than the choppy five-frames-every-two-frame-interval sequence I used to have.

Trust me, as epic as this view would have been, let’s just say the animation of the crowd would have been so embarassingly backward and outdated.

Which is a little strange now that I think of it, since I’ve long weaned myself from having Gifs serve as animated lights.

Not that they’re completely useless now. For example, having a many different flickering neon signs go on and off at different intervals is much better than simply adjusting it globally with the autoluminous settings.

So have I decided yet where the setting will take place? For now I’m leaving the city stage all alone, mainly because setting it up in an arena has given me this idea that I should show some cute football game going on, with even more girls. I wonder that the penalty shot is like? Hurr hurr hurr, as fun as it sounds, that’s quite a huge roster to work with. Though I’m not opposed to see something like a Kancolle vs. Touhou game, but that will be for another time.


Stay wiggly!

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One thought on “525th Pixiv, Return of the Gif Effects, and new B-roll ideas?”

  1. Artistically, I hope you stick with the cityscape. Glimpsing the city skyline at night through a canopy of cherry blossoms is the sort of thing you don’t get in other run of the mill MMD’s. The neon signs, the bright stage lights and the sounds of traffic and mingling crowds rising from the streets all add to the city’s enchantment.
    Placing the stage in a park makes the girls so much more accessible than they would be in a stadium where spectators are seated and well removed from the action. The idea that revelers out drinking, taking in a snow storm of cherry blossoms can unexpectedly find themselves face to face with a litter of sexy kittens performing in a stuffed flower viewing festival is very erotic! I think a stadium event with lolis performing on the sidelines or at halftime sounds like a fun future project.

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