Pixiv 523, and the Last Chance for an Arena Setting

neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4523rd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!neko_emoji_37__yay___v2__by_jerikuto-d7n4wl4

kaomoji_set_1_7_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8em1kaomoji_set_1_9_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8f5dkaomoji_set_2_18_67_by_megaman5000-d7dm68qkaomoji_set_54_67_by_megaman5000-d7dmhdfneko_emoji_28__yay_sho_happy___v2__by_jerikuto-d7c24wftumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzrkaomoji_set_1_7_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8em1kaomoji_set_1_9_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8f5dkaomoji_set_2_18_67_by_megaman5000-d7dm68qkaomoji_set_54_67_by_megaman5000-d7dmhdfneko_emoji_28__yay_sho_happy___v2__by_jerikuto-d7c24wftumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzrkaomoji_set_1_7_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8em1kaomoji_set_2_18_67_by_megaman5000-d7dm68qkaomoji_set_54_67_by_megaman5000-d7dmhdfneko_emoji_28__yay_sho_happy___v2__by_jerikuto-d7c24wftumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzrkaomoji_set_1_7_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8em1kaomoji_set_1_9_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8f5dkaomoji_set_54_67_by_megaman5000-d7dmhdfneko_emoji_28__yay_sho_happy___v2__by_jerikuto-d7c24wftumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzrkaomoji_set_1_7_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8em1kaomoji_set_1_9_19_by_megaman5000-d7d8f5dkaomoji_set_2_18_67_by_megaman5000-d7dm68qkaomoji_set_54_67_by_megaman5000-d7dmhdfneko_emoji_28__yay_sho_happy___v2__by_jerikuto-d7c24wf …Drum roll  please!



And here’s today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!


tumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzrthank you very much for your support!tumblr_inline_mg2m65sbw51qdlkyg_by_chipi_chiu-d90vwzr

Slight Stage Updates, Model Troubleshooting


So that is how the stage looks now with the two-screen setup and as you can see with Kanna and Chloe, despite the closeups the other screens are still in view as well as the cat dancers in the background and the DJ. What’s even better is because that I now no longer need to angle the view too much and now I’m considering cutting out the crowds at the sides.

Because in most of the testing I had the camera set up for low-angled shots, I only noticed today the models had some really glaring problems with their feet. Specifically, the rigging of their shoes were poorly done which means having to troubleshoot the same problem thrice.

Once I got that problem taken care of it was back to shooting the closeups. Belatedly I realized that I need to setup the rear view since it would be a good opportunity to use the screens to show that.

So this is pretty much now my last chance to decide if it will really be a city setting or an arena. I’m still leaning towards the city setting since it allows me to use the avenue of cherry blossom trees. Alternatively, if I do want to use the Arena setting I can just cut out the other trees and just make it a pair that flanks the stage.

Considering today’s season, and what the name of the event was, the city is still a solid contender since the premise was after all, a take on the cherry blossom viewing festival thingy. Then again there are quite a number of spectacle or sports events which take place in holidays that are normally associated with being celebrated at home so… the arena setting is still a valid one.

First thing’s first, to do so, I not only have to show what the arena looks like from the rear view with the bleachers and stuff, but I also have to show what the stage looks like when viewed from afar, and thus setting up the facade of the stage (which in my previous project was supposed to resemble a themepark)

Not that the city setting would be exempt, since it would be nice opportunity to set up some characters lounging around, drinking and watching the spectacle unfold.

Well, until I’ve come up with a solid decision, let’s do both.


Stay wiggly!

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 523, and the Last Chance for an Arena Setting”

  1. 九重りんのモデルはかこみきモデルを使わないのでしょうか?

    1. りんに新しいモデルを使用したかったのは、より多くの顔のアニメーションと舌を使用できるからです。 古いモデルは私に彼女のための性行為を何もさせません。
      The reason I wanted to use a new model for Rin is because it allows me to use more face animations and a tongue. The old model will not allow me to do any sex motions for her.
      ~( ‘w’ )~

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