Wiggly News: Large AVI’s, Pixiv Pix, and GPU Lives?

Large-Scale AVI’s now work with Onboard

When I do get a GPU onto this….I suppose I could release that 1GB of RAM I’ve currently allocated (default was 120+something MB). Below I’ll explain why I think my old 1GB DDR5 GPU is still working. But don’t get your hopes up one me trying to stack two GPUs onto this thing since my motherboard can only accomodate one.

There might be a possibility that I could just keep that 1GB if the computer knows to allocate that extra GB to the Vid Card.

We’ll worry about that when we cross that bridge. But speaking of graphics…

Why have there been no Pixiv Daily Treats!?

The answer to this is because the drive that holds my pictures is currently not connected. This PC only has three SATA ports and since I have three HDD’s and one DVD Drive, and that I had to install windows onto this thing…yeah not much of a choice there.  Pics aren’t as important as the system drive or my MMD’s so they would have to wait it out until I’ve gotten the PC to a good working state that it doesn’t need anymore disc insertions.

Speaking of which….

State of the PC: Everything Else Works Fine

After a few rounds of updates and restarts, I guess it would now be safe to say all that’s missing now is just the power the GPU can give to my PC.  All the programs I used before are back (or reinstalled to their newest versions.) system restore points have been established. And after some rounds of MMD I got to identify the programs I forgot to install like GIMP (for editing pictures and textures)

As I remember it, upon inserting the GPU and starting the PC, there was just no response at all, mind you I wasn’t able to take into account which of the two DVI ports they used, assuming that does mean anything, which I don’t think so.

I am rather confident that the GPU is in fact working quite fine and that the only real issue the PC couldn’t output anything to the monitor back in the shop was just a bad case of BIOS settings.


Well you see after taking the PC home, it just didn’t work at all when I tried to install the OS into it. Which is hard to believe the disk has gone faulty especially when it’s resting somewhere safe for years. After fiddling with some minor BIOS settings, installation worked and the rest is history.

So come the first week of March, I’ll be heading back to the shop and getting the local geeksquad to do the heavy lifting of inserting parts onto the PC ports for me while I work with the settings.

I do hope it’s just a bad case of improper settings. It seems too much of a coincidence for the GPU to be fried along with the old power supply when everything else just works fine.

Besides, if the GPU was truly fried, then I would have been experiencing blank screens too and not just shutdowns from the PC back then.



Welp, time to get back to work, Stay wiggly!

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