Stretching out the Kinks (of my PC, Sort of)

My PC had been having some problems which I decided to ignore until yesterday, the sound kept cutting out, some effects just didn’t work. So after making a few backups I reinstalled the OS and reinstated programs here and there and what do you know? Effects are all working again! PMX Editor’s newest version is finally running fine! MMD can now play my large multi-screen footages!

In addition, tinkering a bit with the BIOS gave me some more RAM to feed onto the onboard GPU while waiting for March to come over, in this case, 1GB allotment (it was originally 128something MB) of course I wasn’t expecting miracles, but it sure gave me a lot more breathing room to work on my projects, at least in theory.

For one, there’s definitely less lagging up when working on some files, mind you some are still off-limits and I have tested them, such as Charlie’s casino romp, which still crashes due to “lack of memory”

Ultimately, I spent yesterday straightening out the kinks that a new GPU wouldn’t have to handle, rendering a scene in HD 3D graphics is definitely GPU territory, but reestablishing shortcuts to MMD as well as making sure all the necessary programs I use are definitely not. Then of course there’s the question of troubleshooting some sites I had problems accessing, such as Iwara’s videos to name a few. These have been solved and I’m back to eating popcorn while the forums rage on.

Which brings me to something I wanted to post in the forums, but probably should just leave here….

I don’t think MMD should be a beauty contest

Which is rich coming from me, I know. But the way I’ve always conducted my videos is because there’s a thrill in making larger than life sets.  Put it this way, say I’m a mountain climber. I like climbing mountains not because I can stand higher than everyone else but just the thrill of conquering huge heights.  And of course the magnificent view the elevation provides.

I don’t think mountain climbers read about each other’s exploits and go “What!? How dare he climb a mountain higher than me! I’ll climb that same peak and piss on his flag, that’ll show him!” They get together and climb because it’s a fun and thrilling thing to do.

I’ve mentioned before in some of my more pithy posts about how lazy workmanship can only get people so far, but I’ve always maintained that everyone should simply enjoy the art at their own pace. MMD is just a freeware program for people to make videos out of, it was and never has been a tool for stroking the e-penis. Only the real ones.

Do manga and anime artists produce just to outdo each other? The answer is 300% NO. As fugly as ZUN’s art is, Touhou would probably not have been that viral if he drew like…well whoever you see as the best artist there is in your eyes.

I remember one discussion where someone mentioned that the Animasa Miku should be replaced by a newer more modern Miku as the mascot, and I heartily disagree. I think the mascot should always be that humble model to remind us all that this isn’t, has never been, and never will be a beauty contest.

Just make as you like. Now as for my take on the tons of “poorly done vids” clogging up the results, well I’m no programmer so I’m not really in a position to suggest what should be done since I wouldn’t know if that is even feasible or not, or if it is even ethically correct to do.  But the fact is, we all have that ability to restrict our own views on videos.

I mean, what’s stopping you from just Favoriting/Bookmarking the pages of artists you really like, then go through them for new stuff every now and then?

It stands to reason that probably the reason Iwara was made was just for people to share their stuff, and not to wave their e-dicks around at others.

So why then all that pathos in my older posts? Well if you had actually read them, they were directed not at the artists themselves but at the armchair self-proclaimed critics whose tastes are on par with those who like modern “art”

It’s one thing to enjoy the beauty of something simple and unadorned, but to fly around demanding all emulate it, is simply wrong. And in the same token, for one to want everyone to “step up their game” because there is no game.

If everyone steps up their game it’s just back to square one all over again.

Remember when every fps was getting so futuristic people got sick of it? Then this baby came along.

But strangely enough, just a few years ago there was a massive outbreak of games within that same retro time frame.  APH, Strike Witches, Kancolle… what did they have in common?

What’s novel will eventually become oversaturated.  Just like how the first person unarmed horror game went from “the scariest thing ever” to a guaranteed laugh if you pitch that to an executive.

And let’s not forget there’s a crapton of users out there posting stuff, and barely anybody has the time to stop and read the manifesto.

Just live and let live folks. And stay wiggly of course ~( ‘w’ )~

Welp, time to get back to work, Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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