Finished DL Spree, still Circumventing Hardware Limitations

Yesterday I couldn’t post since I was DL’ing some really large sets, so it was a really good haul of motions that I’ve been trying out to see if I can put them to good use.

Meanwhile working on MMD, I’m quickly reminded of what happens if I forget I’m limited to onboard by the file just refusing to load up at times. I mean, it’ll work fine when I’m loading stuff, but after i save it, close it while I’m doing something else then load it up again, the darned thing just refuses to work. Good thing I keep some spares. For example, the one with all the Cookie Fun Girls in it? Well it help up pretty well until I started adding motions, then the thing wouldn’t load anymore, at least not unless I open it up without the effects but there are some which won’t open up still.

So I guess until I get that new GPU next month the Cookie Fun Girls special will have to wait. I’m pleased to report though that the onboard temperatures haven’t spiked past the mid-60’s so I guess it’s holding up pretty well.

Today’s endeavors are trying to work on some footage for the center screen for Airin’s project, I don’t want them to be too similar to Karen Project B so I’ll need to come up with different ecchi scenes to go with them…which might be difficult considering that Karen Project B pretty much got all the scenarios you could expect; sex scenes, bisexual gangbangs, toys, etc.  It’s a pretty high slope to climb but I know there’s a way around it.

Perhaps a better way to put it all into context might be to do the introduction scenes first, which then can dictate how the center screen will be.  In that case I better decide on what the premise will be pretty soon so I can get this out ASAP.

Welp, time to get back to work, Stay wiggly!

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