Working on the Scaled Down Video (While I’m still using my Onboard)

Today I’m trying to do what I can to make a smaller scaled down video due to my current limits at the moment.

While I’m currently limited to what I can produce since I’m only using an onboard GPU, I decided to look back at why I have such an allergic reaction to making one-room-one-model videos.

To tell the truth as some have already read before, I don’t dislike them and in fact, enjoy them like everyone else. And that’s the thing, why should I go through the trouble of making something I can just download and watch myself? Well of course different models and different stages, as well as using different music and varying context matters a lot as well.

Again, I’m not to disparage those who make them…I mean how can I disparage something I like watching? That doesn’t make sense.

Aside from avoiding making such content myself because it’s something I can easily obtain elsewhere, another reason is because I want to create something I don’t get to see a lot, or see in the way I want.

I don’t see a lot of ENF shows with the embarassment or humiliation level cranked up to 11, for one. And while there’s a good amount of content like that, there are some points where it feels like it’s missing some parts and that forms a major part of my motivation to make these large set pieces.

The best way to describe that feeling is like this: many treatises and videos about animation basically say something like this “we’re hard-wired to tell if there’s something unnatural in things that otherwise are supposed to be natural” and this is usually regarding topics like natural movements like walking as well as appearances of characters that in the attempt to attain a certain look end up eliciting a completely different reaction.

But instead of creepy singing robots, it’s the level of detail or rather, lack of detail in some things. There’s a lot of reasons why people don’t do this: hardware limitations, as well as finding the time, effort, and motivation to do so.  Don’t forget that some might also be trying for a certain look or feel to it.

And the context as well.

OK, I know that’s not an MMD video, and even if it was, I’m not gonna go “oh man this guy is lazy for not adding onlookers” because the context of the video is about them becoming a music group or something like that. If the context was “I wanna be a famous rockstar” then it would justify the use of an elaborate looking stage to signify their dreams of being famous.

In that same vein, if one is to use a venue where many people are expected to be milling about or in attendance, then the venue must be populated accordingly.

I said once that the most believable setup for a one-room-one-model video is to use a setting where being alone would not be strange. I cited bedrooms, bathrooms, forests, etc as good places for random naked dancing. However when it comes using daytime streets, plazas, and concert stages…something about them really feels off.

It’s not uncommon to walk the streets on a lazy afternoon and find it nearly deserted in many parts of the world. But for me, cities, towns, and villages speak of a community, a place where many people should be around and about, and concert stages should be milling with audience cheering and stamping about.

And when it doesn’t it reminds me of this…thing…

Watching a naked girl twerk in a deserted city while sexually charged music pulses through my speakers just gives me a weird feeling of disconnection. It kinda feels like a certain fifth installment of a certain sneaking game where the content feels obviously cut.

I’m guilty of the cut content as well to a certain degree. I wanted H2S to have the Jamaican guy flanked by two naked girls onstage but due to hardware constraints I just moved him to the Ecchi Audience Remix version, in an alternate scene where he’s among the audience members watching the Cookie Fun Girls walk in.

Karen Project B was supposed to have two backup dancers flanking Karen, but they had to go for a different reason; since most of the camera angles were from a slightly low angle and a somewhat 3/4th’s view, they would always end up blocking the side screens which were chockfull of naughty closeups.

I could give more examples but that would just feel like I’m padding myself by making up excuses. But I think we can agree that any removed features I put in the videos were compensated by finding or preserving in some way the original vision. .. did you know the bottles used in the bar scenes are not actual 3d models but realistic-looking 2D pictures? Just take a look again in Project May Ep2 and Happy School, they’re just static textures and not models at all.

I’m not accusing anyone of trying to skimp on their city scenes or concert scenes by being lazy, after all I do not know why they did what they did. Maybe they were just being random and picked a stage that looked pleasing to them, regardless if it is something that makes sense being populated by only one model…or if they’re just limited by their hardware.

But when it comes to me, I see opportunities where this can be circumvented or corrected outright. That’s how I came up with the idea of the “Fake Multi-Screen trick” for example, to answer my need to have multiple footage playing in multiple screens.

I’m not trying to cloak my motives as “oh I’m someone with a refined taste in art, hohoho” it’s just that i see things that by themselves that aren’t erotic can play a major role in things that actually are. Just like how CMNF and ENF’s perversion power draws not from the naked girl alone, but due to the contrast with her fully-dressed peers.  It’s because of this awareness of contrasts and contexts that I build sets the way I do; performance stages set up like regular concerts instead of seedy run-down bars, colorful lights you’d see in an all-ages concert instead of just red, pink, or purple hues of a strip-club, and strip clubs that look like a festival market at night with multi-hued lanterns.

Perhaps this is a better way to illustrate what I’m driving at: the same way artists like dressing their ecchi models in only mary janes, frilly socks, and a red backpack somehow outperforms the sexuality of high heels and make-up, or why the school swimsuit’s appeal is just as strong as a tiny string bikini even though it covers more skin.


That’s context and contrast working their magic. In a world where bikini armor is common, a rampant show of flesh doesn’t work with the same intensity as a contemporary world where the girl chooses to simply wear a sukimizu with thighhighs just to thrill her paramour.

When these vital features are just missing and the intention doesn’t seem apparent, it is incomplete. Take the patty out of the hamburger and just eat it. There you go. Now if it was called a cheese with lettuce and tomatoes sandwich, then it wouldn’t feel wrong. But since it’s called a burger, then it should have all the important components and not a leaf of lettuce less.

I see again and again incomplete works that I often wonder if it’s such a difficult task. I’m no genius by any stretch so it sometimes baffles me what’s stopping others from doing the same…to say nothing at some having outright disdain at detail, which is (note: Declarative and Factual) just a sign of absolute ignorance.

Details are vital.


So that basically explains why I do what I do. It’s not a strange fixation but a rational way of thinking. Houses have doors, windows, rooms, and furniture. It can’t lack any of these if you want it to be seen as a house. I used to click on videos when the backgrounds of the thumbnails apparently showed a city or a concert venue, but after a couple or so, I just learned to avoid them since it’s just another oversized empty room and not the kind I’m looking for. I’m just not keen on having the camera swivel round (clipping into a hundred things along the way, including the models) to show an empty expanse of bleachers… so say nothing about the ill-timing of such a rear view when the model almost always uses the least flattering motion for their hips when that happens.

And overall, it just wastes my time with my slow net. I can’t afford to get my hopes up at finally seeing a possible contemporary only see yet another show at Cricketsville Theater, Population: 1.

This isn’t a message saying that others should step up their game or whatever, it’s not a competition at all and I think everyone should just go along at their own pace. For me though, I just want to see something done in a certain way and sometimes when you want it done right, you just gotta do it yourself.


Oh and here’s the magic of context at work.

Recognize that power. It can make mundane motions a rib-smashing funny punchline. It can make a funny sound elicit horror.

Picture a man walking through the streets holding a bouquet of roses. It’s Valentines Day. Cut to couples hugging and kissing as he passes by them. Cut to flashbacks of the woman he loves. Cue to the romantic music, and just as everything builds up, he’s right in front of a cemetery, laying flowers on her grave.

That scene wouldn’t be as powerful if it was just him laying flowers on a grave. But by showing the scenes of him passing by those couples and the flashback scenes, it makes the feels part hit way harder.

Details are not as minor as many would like to believe.


Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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One thought on “Working on the Scaled Down Video (While I’m still using my Onboard)”

  1. You could do some “Origins” audition vids to the Cookie Fun Channel, like Sakura’s home video. There is a cute anxious proximity and amateur quality to that vid that is unique to its small scale on a one room gig, yet there is still the impression that her friends are standing there watching her gyrate her hips for the camera. Its a POV work too which is not common in your works. I would see what you can do with these elements with your current know how regarding humility and composition. It would be fun to see you remake that video with some groping and spreading maybe even sex. I wouldn’t think of your limitations at the moment, but what you could really expand on this single room tight proximity concept, really focusing on the girl and emotions and little expressions and effects.

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