Update: PC Repairs and Stuff

So yesterday, I had to take the PC to the shop since the thing kept shutting down and eventually never would turn on again. Now with Don Deloro’s new parts fitted onto this thing there’s good and bad news.

The Good News is that I’m now an i5 packing 16GB of RAM, where previously I was an i3 with 4GB of RAM.

The bad news is that the new motherboard may have a faulty PCI slot or just some bad BIOS settings since attempting to boot the thing with my old GPU has the monitor displaying nothing. Which means for the meantime I’m stuck using to onboard.

Of course, that also means I’m having to reinstall everything and having to update my software while avoiding the dreaded malware that’s 10, and I don’t exactly have lightspeed internet so some things definitely will take time while it’s holding up my bandwidth.

Now there might be some hope, as of this moment, I got MMD 9.26 running and it seems to be recognizing the effects on MME.

Another thing is that this motherboard has only 3 SATA slots which is a drag considering that i have 3 HDD’s and I need a DVD drive if I want to reinstall windows, so for the moment my storage is really crippled. And no, I will not be fiddling with any wires inside the machine. Once is enough to tell me that’s an expensive gamble not worth risking at all.

I’ll be visiting the shop again come next month to either fit in a new GPU or see if I can reinstate my old one, worst case is to obtain a new Motherboard since that would mean having to reinstall everything all over again. It’s very likely though that either the GPU is just old and needs to be replaced, or the BIOS was just set wrong, since I had to do some fiddling with it after everything was said and done in order for it to boot properly from an installer disc.

The worst case is that this PCI slot is just really bad.

Oh and to have the techs reinstate my third drive as well since I won’t be needing that DVD now that installation is done.

Once all of this installing and updating is done, which has to be done with extreme caution since I’m not really keen on downgrading my OS to an inferior piece of crap, I will start benchmarking my onboard video’s MMD capabilities.

But for now stay wiggly, and we’ll get through this ~( ‘w’ )~




3 thoughts on “Update: PC Repairs and Stuff”

  1. Doin’ a rebuild, reboot, reinstall on the fly. That must be what it feels like when Scottie beams you down without your clothes, haha. XD

  2. The good Thing is : You become new Hardware !
    The bad Thing is : I can do it for You first in Summer !
    The good thing is : In summer you have a “Rocket” and you never more hear “yadda dabba do” hihihihi !
    greetings Don

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