Short Announcement: Hardware Issues

or I think it’s a hardware issue, the thing fails to start properly from boot and no BSOD so it’s not a disk issue.  Anyway, I guess that means come February, it’s time to put in the parts that Don Deloro gave me.   I can’t do this myself so I’ll have to pay for the local technician to do this for me.   One botched PC was enough for me.

So what are we looking at with the new parts sitting on my desk?

I5 core with Mobo, 8GB Ram, and a monster-sized fan. Hopefully the tech won’t charge me that much come next month. Since I’ll be supplying most of the parts (except for the psu, which I think needs to be replaced) that should convince the tech to just charge me for the labor.

So for now I’ll be taking some baby steps on my MMD work. Or maybe I just need to make this rest for a couple of hours. Either way, stay wiggly! I’ll get this sorted out in a couple of days, hopefully.

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