Pixiv 472, Hardware Goof-ups, and Project Changes

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Hardware Goof-Ups, and Project Adjustments

So as some of you may have noticed, I made a post earlier a bout my machine goofing up for some reason. What is causing it is not known but the best conclusion was a faulty Power Suppy Unit which means this machine will probably get it’s long awaited transition to Don Deloro’s spare i5 by the turn of February. Those parts have been sitting on my desk for quite a while now and I think it’s a good time to get them working as new parts for my machine.

Since you’re seeing this, this means that my machine has somehow managed to stabilize itself for the time being, which is good and after spending some time making sure it’s not going to shut itself down when I’m not looking, gotten back to re-rendering some of the scenes of my project.

In particular, the close up footage will be having some of the clone airins removed since after quite some review and test footage, they’re just not doing their job of well, showing a good closeup of Airin; too many gyrating naked bodies to look at. This may sound strange to some, especially coming from me, but there is a clear difference between sophistication and complication. Sophistication is when it has a lot of features to enhance the experience and complication is just when it’s a complete clusterfuck that you can’t see what’s going on. Despite what some might believe, I keep it well within the Sophistication line. An example of an overcomplicated design is when you’re just given a backdrop of a wall of screens, that just plays havoc on your eyes.

As for the center screen I’m still on square one with it, as the parade scene I mentioned yesterday is a little underwhelming compared to the blaring strobe lights of the bar. Now that I’m scaling back the close up dancing footage, I will try to create a sample scene of Airin’s training and see if that works well this time.

Either the parade scenes interlace with the main dancing event, or I’ll take it with a more chronological method and show it either after or before…but most likely after due to certain…reasons~

As for the soundscape of this video, it’s very likely to not have any ambient audience sounds, to give me more leeway into cutting some closeups, thought if I will be adding it, I will start to look for not just cheering but all jeering sounds, scornful guffawing, etc.

At any rate, I’m feeling better now that my machine is behaving itself, stay wiggly!

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