Pixiv 468 and a Wrench into my Works

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…Drum roll  please!



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Road Block: Stupid Corrupted File

So here I was trying to make closeup video and at first i came across some kind of problem, one led to another and just after i completed the camera motion, here it comes and totally throws a wrench, preventing the file from ever being loaded again. No amount of renaming models one by one to see who’s causing the problem would solve it, which means today was completely wasted.

So I’m deleting the files, good riddance to such trash, I will never waste time on it again.

So with that utterly destroyed it, now comes the question what the new stage for the close up videos will be on. I’m still thinking vast crowds and colorful venues, plus a way to justify the placement of crowds behind the performers. the first I thought of was a street, but it would require a large amount of people to fill out the dead spaces as well as vehicles. I did consider a colorful abstract background but without such a lively ambience it just feels like throwing a turd in a museum and calling it art.  Well…then again, it just might be considered modern art anyway.

So, it’s time to sift through some stages and see which ones look good, and which ones among them are workable.  It’s not a simple task, as it needs to be recognizable even with tight closeups and constant, dynamic camera movement. Plus the fact the video itself will be viewed from a much smaller size as it will be projected from the screen. So it needs to really stand out and be recognizable.

A few other ideas came to mind which I can start working on after I do most of the dancing scenes.


Seein how simple the stage’s facade is when viewed from afar, it’s going to need a series facelifts in the establishing shots. It’s pretty simple, put up a nice facade in front of the stage (albeit a watered down version since this current build is so packed any additions will make it crash). So make a separate file of the facade and the simpled stage covered with a curtain, then cut in or zoom, or maybe fade into the curtains opening up, make some cuts of some elements of the stage assuming position (such as the rotating displays rising up from the ground), have Airin walk in, do her intro, then cut to main event.

Now I had earlier decided that the event is preceeded by Airin imoto making a speech, but considering that it’s too jam packed in there, that idea goes to the trash and she’ll just be watching from the VIP area, probably flanked by more naked clones of her sister… and since we’re going with the ninja lore, she’s feeling everything. Or tasting everything, hurr hurr hurr.

Anyway, time to reconstruct that close up video. I have a bone to pick with mmd.

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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One thought on “Pixiv 468 and a Wrench into my Works”

  1. Hope today was better than yesterday; sounds like yesterday was a suckfest. You said something yesterday that I’ve been thinking about when you spoke about building a connection for the audience between what was going on in the screen shots and what was happening on the live stage.
    My thought was could you animate what you portrayed in the stills? If so, show a brief bit of footage of Airin being “trained” by the other CFC girls in a private setting. Zoom in for a tight shot of her body and then when the camera pulls back the same shot is now frozen on one of the posters behind the dancing clones in a public setting with large crowds. The soundtrack would support the transition going from softer music with some giggles, grunts and groans to some raucous crowd noise and some banging dance music.
    Artistically that may not be what you want to do and that’s cool. I just thought it would make an interesting transition

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