Pixiv 467 and Ninjas outta Nowhere

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…Drum roll  please!



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Rotating Displays are Done!


A picture is worth a thousand words, so these pics on the rotating display should pretty much set the tone of what it’s all about, sort of.

Just like in Karen Project B, the rotating displays are double layered, the first one being a pmx file, while the other is just a .x accessory file containing only the panels for the pictures. I also had to calculate to make sure that all four faces of the rotating displays show up with enough screentime (not accounting for camera angles and subsequent nonlinear editing) for all of them.

I am also planning for it to have a rather ecchi-ish intro and currently the reigning idea is the “ninja who messed up on a mission”

Why ninja? Well why else does she have copies of herself up on stage?

It’s that or someone fed her after midnight.

Also…what spoilers? I have talked about this premise before. It was called the Hinata Project. Since that one still hasn’t yielded me with workable models I decided that it might as well go to someone who can.

The intro part is pretty much a way to tease with showing Airin in some sexy revealing outfit before the fun stuff begins. She messes up and her teammates help her out, she gets scolded by their leader, which turns out to be her younger sister, who goes “I have to teach you what it’s like if you failed and got yourself caught so you won’t do it again.” plus the whole much-is-expected-of-you-because-you-have-an-OP-family-member stuff.

Again I could just make the project not have all of that but it doesn’t feel like a payoff if I don’t. It needs to justify why she up on stage with her summoned clones. Most people get really tired of the horny slut character because she’s just no fun, people want them to be more human, that if they’re going to have to something that pretty’s much social suicide there better be a pretty good reason for it. Not that I’ve done anything that hyper sophisticated yet. Being coerced by a sleazy duck wearing a fedora doesn’t exactly count.

I used to be so hesitant to write dialogue but I guess I don’t feel so shy anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t take some serious levelling up with some writing lessons but I know what this is all about, it’s a silly video with exaggerated scenes and ninjas and magic, you have to have a screw loose to take anything seriously about it.


So anyway, I’m thinking of making a couple more still pictures, this time for the slideshow.  But it’s there’s more to it. Without having to craft too many scenes it shows that Airin’s been put through a lot of naughty sessions, that the dance show is pretty much a culmination of all that.

In the context of Karen Project B and other similar works, they’re there to show what a naughty girl they’ve been, or in Project Rin that this isn’t her first time she’s been made to strip in the middle of a crowded place and perform with those gravure pics.

In the context of this Project, which I’ll tentatively name “Ninja Academy: Detention!” for the audience in the video, it’s like reminiscing the times they’ve come across the elder airin being punished in front of them, maybe they remember that picture form the time she was being walked on a leash and she passed their class, or when they were out one weekend in a pizza diner and they saw her being made to dance atop a table…etc.

And then the “exclusive pics” of her training.

Plus getting to see glimpses of her training which happened behind closed doors? Now that’s something to drive them wild. Yes, I know I made a mistake in rendering that second picture with the green dildo but I’m leaving it as it is because I’m not perfect.

Also yes, why all the anal? Well, it’s a punishment right? Why tickle the nerves that make someone feel good if you’re supposed to be teaching them the lesson of not messing up?  “Oh you got a valuable teammate killed? Bravo, here, have a pat on the head.” does not compute.

For the actual viewers of the video, it’s a summary compressed in fleeting images of not just what, but how and why.

So let’s enumerate a bit: We got both of the layers of the rotating displays done, we got the stage all set up and even put in some choreography for the dancers.

What’s next now is to finish the slideshow for the DJ table, then we can begin working on the close up scenes for the choreography. I am going to take the cheesy path and use a simpler, alternate background, which I haven’t decided yet, so I’ll let you provide any suggestions on what kind of venue could that be. One thing though, I don’t think it should be another public place, or at least not an audience that has seen this before.

Now I haven’t decided if the rearview will show a gym, or a packed arena. You might be thinking “I thought this was an academy? Why are they holding a show to some random public who never heard of her?” Well besides the fact that it’s part of her detention, I don’t feel any need to keep it all in her school, I mean let’s look at these again…

Either that campus is so colossal it requires it’s own subway and has it’s own city, or everyone just knows the ninja academy is up to it’s hazing antics again.

A simple rehearsal room maybe, or a lounge for the pretentious asshole elites, Whatever it is, it has to take into account that since most of the picture will be taken up by Airin, it has to be something that’s still meaningful and understandable, just like how in Project May ep.2 it used a packed coliseum (which for those who were wondering, they made her do that after a rigged fight where she loses…oh and guess how she brought the pokeballs out~)

Or another idea is… you know how back in your days as a disgruntled student (or whatever crazy stuff you did when you were younger) there’ll be that day when a military guy comes up and let’s everyone know that once they graduate they could sign up? Well I’m thinking of something similar, except for the part when Chairman Airin then says “But if you fail…or if you mess up… this happens.”

…we all know which Touhou Character will be raising her hand once they start asking which of them will like to sign up to be a ninja.

Stay wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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3 thoughts on “Pixiv 467 and Ninjas outta Nowhere”

  1. Good God Damn! I want to join the Ninja Academy, hahaha! I zoomed in on those screen shots and I swear that younger sis is holding a remote that controls that spinning, vibrating knobby dildo in her sister’s ass! And I’m also pretty damn sure that Charlie is punishing Airin’s ass with a strapon. This is some epic shit! CFC Girls doing covert, black ops ninja stuff and God forgive you if you fuck up, hahaha. You alluded to an ecchi intro and I hope you keep that promise. In fact I hope it’s got an ecchi middle and end to it and some naughty ecchi dance moves too! Keep it up Squish – full speed ahead. No, make that “Ramming Speed”, lol.

    1. Yes, she is holding a remote control and is probably steadily increasing the speed of the Assdriller2000 and Charlie is using a strap-on dildo, probably longer than it should be and on the rather girthy side judging from Airin’s face. Well the point of the intro is to tease the audience with tight thongs, upskirts, slow motion flips and high kicks. She’s really getting a taste of what happens if the bad guys catch her, so I guess you can call it tough love from her sister, now that she knows the pain and humiliation of failure would be to her, she’ll hopefully not screw up again… or she might, on purpose if she starts to enjoy it.
      ~(>w<)~ i'm working on it while I still breathe, stay wiggly!

  2. Hahaha, Assdriller 2000. And it’s not tough love unless it’s longer and thicker.
    Does sort of take your breath away 😉

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