Pixiv 465 and You Do You

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…Drum roll  please!




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You Do You


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This is going to be one of the pictures used in the slideshow.

So the Twincest Project is steaming at full speed ahead. I guess I’m just interested at the idea of the other Cookie Fun Girls taking a more dominant role. And of course, lots of Airin on Airin love. I did mention that the younger sister is far more levelheaded while the other one is more naive with her head in cloud cuckoo land.

Plus the idea of a totally submissive Airin sounds cute too. Most of the ones I’ve done have either been on the noncon side or they’re oblivious to it, or it’s just a job. Of course HOW to deliver that… well I need to figure out. For now, I think I should use an even mix of reluctance and some soft coercion…or more like a combination of smiles and frowns. She might not mind being nude in front of her sister, but getting reamed by an arm-sized contraption in front of a packed concert venue is definitely in her “No” list.

But there’s more than just adjusting her facial expression of whether or not she likes it, it needs to have me crafting some scenes and/or motions of the younger Airin wheedling and convincing her sister to do it. Or someway to show that despite that fact she doesn’t like it, just seeing her sister look so happy makes her endure it.

Basically i guess that only thing that’ll make this different from like Project May or Rin is that I have to some splashes of vanilla love between the two, like patting her sister or giving her some love afterwards.

Now as for the current stage design for the Main Scene. Predictably it’s reached the level where I can’t put anymore stuff unless I want it to crash, so I’m currently experimenting with how to deal with the empty spaces. the last time I used bouncing cupcakes that were just unimpressive enough to not steal attention from what you’re supposed to be looking at.

Now I’m not shy of reusing my same old three screen setup or the two-layered rotating display, depending on how much content I can make I might be able to push it to three layers, that of course depends on what kind of pictures I can make with such a tall and narrow space that tells the story of the elder Airin being her sister’s love slave.

And so, back to work it is! Which at this point feels like I’m playing with dolls and posing and dressing them up.

Stay wiggly!

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