Pixiv 463 and Airin’s Project B?

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…Drum roll  please!




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Airin’s Project B?

MMD’s number one genre of motions is of course, dancing. Sex has somehow cozied up to number 2, and now a wise man once said that you shouldn’t turn up your nose at what is abundant then complain if you are in want of it.  So yeah, time to make another dance scene then see where I can crowbar it into later.

The stage seems to be a combination of the school in Project Jackie, the Bar in H2S, and the venue in Karen’s B Project. When will I ever give that three screen formula a rest? Why should I? We can never have too much perverted close ups.

But I guess what continues to draw me into the modern setting is because with period pieces there’s just so much static objects in the background.  There’s a lot we take for granted; motion, lights, sounds, they do a great job in solid snaking their way past our senses, except when they’re gone and it really feels like something is off. For the low price of a couple megs of ram and I have something that is far more visually pleasing than some painted-on pillars and not having to bunch up some fluff models to make the scene look dynamic.

Now some might be thinking? Airin again? Well to be honest, we haven’t seen much elder Airin ever since her younger sister came up. Now as for this one, since it’s using a school gym, the first thing that came up to mind was that “sexiest student award” and now I know what props to put in the background.  She needs to have a trophy for it, something big, golden, and probably with lots of ridges.

One of my older projects awaiting completion was with all four girls out in the school courtyard, except that H2S has pretty much rendered the point moot.

Or it could be somewhere outdoors and in daytime just like that samba parade i was working on.  Except that it won’t be a parade…thought maybe it should since cities would have large monitors all around. Well the thing is, a modern parade float is still something I have not developed yet, and I’m not too keen on just slapping together some fugly girders and mount a screen on it then call it day.

Stay wiggly!

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