Short Updates for today

Progress Report: Do another MMO Parody Dance Video?

There was the No Life Queen video, which was a dance vid with b-rolls of action and references to nude patches, then there was Terragaia which looked more like gameplay.

I wanted to make a more or less SFW-ish video to release on youtube just out of pure spite. I know my channel is pretty much dead and I’m just throwing mostly trash there. Whatever my previous intentions were, I don’t try to make failtube as a sort of recruiting ground or clickbait. At least not anymore, hence my unwillingness to post anything there unless it’s pure WTF like this

Of course, one might think “well since you already make ones that show nipples why bothering to hide them anymore?” because we need that tease, that sense of controlled detachment, and that’s what I was aiming for in some of my projects.

So I’m still leaning heavily on it to be in Iwara instead and just put up something fiendishly trollish on youtube…idk, maybe a screamer.

I can’t post a spoiler pic today, I feel like it’s something I should keep hidden for a later time until I finish it, but Happy Kingdom is definitely keeping ahead of the Development race at the moment.

So basically my current idea was something based on the idea of PvP clan battle you see in some games, except that Happy Kingdom is going to go more ecchi.

Plus, something that I wanted to do, to try as much as possible to keep it yuri. Well I suppose there’s gotta be a sex scene with some guys out there, but the idea of your run-the-mill public pillory scene conflicts with my idea of Cookie Fun Girls’s rivals keeping them like prized pets.

Not to be confused with the Airin Sisters’ retro project, which is more of CMNF territory.

I can’t really explain well why I’m going for this “very controlled and discipline master/mistress” route except for the fact that just about everything else out there has the owners dropping their pants and going to town without any shred of control at all.  It’s been done so many times that it’s really lost the charm for me without an interesting premise.

There’s a charm to it though. Maybe it’s just me. Like instead of just having their grunts tie Airin to the bed so they could plow her seven days till sunday, they just order her to assume some really provocative submissive position while her owners go about with the day’s business, the fill it up with filler dialogue while the camera lazily sweeps around and shows us all the good stuff.

Anyway back to work and enough pondering.

Also, no Pixiv Rankings for today.


But enjoy today’s Pixiv Daily Treat nonetheless


Stay wiggly!

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2 thoughts on “Short Updates for today”

  1. I came across (hur hur) Arisa Nakano recently OMG!!!
    Then theres this one JAV, OKAD-508, with my fav Risa Kasumi, but its not about her in this one its one of those “Time Stop” fantasies where there is this special device that stops time and sexy unwilling fun ensues, its all about Ayu Sakurai at about the 1 hour 17 minute mark. Ever watch a girl keep a straight face and talking during a convulsing orgasm as her hips jerk and she squirts all over the place? lol!!!! Whatever this is worth. Maybe a time stop fantasy production might be fun.

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