Karen’s Adventures in Uranus Ep.2 Out Now In Iwara

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Karen’s Adventures in Uranus Ep.2 Out Now!

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Episode 2 of Karen’s Retro Sci-Fi Adventure in Uranus continues with some fight scene antics. To tell the truth this was completed in just two days, but I gave it some time before I was convinced no more material needed to be added, still however, I don’t see it yet as a good transition to her parade scene.

You can also download the HD version in the Mega Uploads Page.

Anyway, enjoy it as it is, and Stay wiggly!

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2 thoughts on “Karen’s Adventures in Uranus Ep.2 Out Now In Iwara”

  1. “The Horse”, lol. Still laugh when I hear it, especially with the authentic crackling, ‘bad needle on the LP’ getting picked up in the audio.
    Let’s see, a guy armed with a sword versus a naked loli. Yup, I’m putting my money on the loli ’cause she’s going right for the nuts, hahaha. Zooming in on his contorted face, plus the 3-peat of Karen busting his wrist (“shhhkrak! shhhkrak! shhhkrak!”) just reminded me of an 80’s Kung Foo flick dubbed in English. Plus I love how in the middle of the fight she distracts him by spreading her pussy, hahaha. She’s not so defenseless after all.

  2. (*x* )~~~~~~~ This is so good, I had to break my attempts of no H speak to give praise. So good, the editing, the comedy, the subtitles, the retro, the kung-fu, Karen’s naughty bits. The whole package, Its so entertaining. I feel like the cookie fun productions have reached a new level with this series, so beuno!!!

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