Pixiv 455 and Airin’s Fantasy Costume Completed

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…Drum roll  please!




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Airin’s Fantasy Costume: Done! (Almost)


So for now Airin’s costume is pretty much completed, mind you she’s not a single model but many models and accessories parented to each other.

Anyway I like how it turns out. It’s a juxtaposition of retro and innocent old fantasy, a touch of modern accroutments, and some naughty S&M undertones to it. Double the effectiveness if I play it straight like Karen’s Retro Project.

Also worth nothing is the way the thong stretches and bends, like it’s really digging hard into her when she moves.

For now I’m strongly leaning towards a flatter Airin for this project. A bit of research showed me that most girls I thought were big….actually weren’t. As the saying goes; it’s not just size, but also shape.

But here’s some comparison with a larger bust.

Airin’s school uniform though has a rather reasonable sized bust but if I remember correctly it should still have some sliders to adjust it.  I’m thinking of those “girl from another world” tropes and how some of them change into something so revealing without giving it much thought. Or alternatively just play it off like nobody finds it unusual. The problem with that one of course is that I have to ensure most girls she might be interacting with are also dressed appropriately.

Stay Wiggly!

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One thought on “Pixiv 455 and Airin’s Fantasy Costume Completed”

  1. I’m all for small breasts. I think Airin looks great with little cupcakes. I wouldn’t complain if you decided to go even smaller 😉
    I was thinking about the fun you could have with that snug fitting thong. Specifically, I was thinking about the knee buckling orgasms Karen had in Project B. Wouldn’t it be fun if after a few minutes of screen time we see Airin at some inappropriate time unable to ignore the thong grinding into her kitty and as her legs give out she drops to her knees with a shuddering orgasm, hahaha. All the onlookers would be like WTF just happened here. I’m sure you could use the pmotskin to make her inner thighs glisten. 🙂

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