Pixiv 451 and Karen’s Planned Hang Out

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…Drum roll  please!




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Karen’s Hang Out


This scene was originally slated for her Retro Project but I’m having second thoughts and decided this might better go on Happy Kingdom instead. Nothing to do with Karen’s “strong character” but that the Retro project should have a dumber premise and they would magically come into an agreement because….cheesy plot.

This scene with her hanging all open with all her holes seems to work better for Happy Kingdom, I’m thinking it should be in a busy street for people to gawk at.  Maybe it’s in the enemy’s city or in her own town; shaking their heads in disbelief. Maybe I could have some town crier saying something.

Well if the street display scene will be Karen’s there’ll still be three other girls i have to work on. Initial idea was probably other public displays, probably in other positions. I’m guessing one other girl could do the forced orgasms show with various sex toys. Don’t worry, it’s hentai logic XD somehow onlookers are just magically buying into whatever the obvious abusers are saying despite the fact that there’s a naked girl chained down flanked by whip-cracking goons.

Every hentai does that with their “Yup, please don’t mind these big burly club-waving goons threatening to beat her up  if she disobeys, you’re just going to have to take my word this strong girl inexplicably turns into a cock-hungry slut on her own will. Yup, keeping buying into this pig slop I’m telling you., it’s totally believable!”

Now let’s be clear that I don’t dislike it, it’s a rather amusing trope. The same amusement I watch old movies with. Where many get so triggered by stupid retard characters in horror movies needing to investigate without packing a gun, I just see it for what it is; finally a chance for the fun stuff to happen.

Anyway back on topic. That’s probably two public display events, and two undefined ones for the other two girls.  Maybe one can do an arena battle…the other one, probably not dance since the whole point of these scenes is a kind of b-roll to the main parade event.

A secondary dance scene for Happy Kingdom could be some kind of banquet scene. I’ve been wanting to do one for the longest time except that I haven’t focused on getting a set of accessories enough to pass for a feast, that and appropriately dressed dignitaries and nobles for a fantasy setting.

Since I’m not set on reserving this scene for Happy Kingdom I’ll focus next on what I can pick up Karen’s Retro project with. So it’ll be a short fight scene and then I’ll just have her agree to their parade idea for whatever silly reason, what it is, I’ll come up with it later.

But first, some bad fight choreography on the way.

Stay Wiggly!

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 451 and Karen’s Planned Hang Out”

  1. I’m not always certain of the chronology in your videos (Karen’s B Project, Karen’s Retro Project, H2S, etc.), but the CFC Girls can be such brazen “Little Sluts”. So I can’t say for sure, but being stripped naked, spread eagled and hung up in a public place wearing a clit clamp with a big fat dildo plugged in your ass might have something to do with losing one’s inhibitions, lolol!

    1. Not all videos are connected, Karen Retro Project and Terragaia are definitely different continuities while Karen Project B, Yuri Concert Night, Project Rin, Project May, H2S have a shared “universe”. Rin’s is among the earliest timeline-wise followed by Project May, H2S could be at the farthest chronological point with Karen’s B Project being somewhere between them. Elder Airin’s videos definitely come before Airin Imoto’s and H2S is definitely the first time the two sisters perform together. ~( ‘w’ )~

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