Pixiv 449 and Project Ideas

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First Download Spree of 2017 done!

With some new material now in my inventory I feel more empowered to work on my projects!

Quite notable are some BDSM and dungeon themed accessories, it’s far from a comprehensive list but daresay gives me enough foothold to build some scenes I had in mind.

Also new to my ever-growing library is a few more stages I may see use of.

For Karen’s Retro Project I have some cheesy ideas now, among them is the fact that 80’s movies and old movies in particular tended to have really bad fight scenes. However it’s not enough that I don’t make the motions too creative but they need to feel like really hokey. This would cause a bit of a disconnect though, considering how the action scenes of Ep.1 while not too technical and kung-fu-like weren’t exactly acted out like some awkward choreography.

For the Cookie Fun Girl’s Fantasy-set Parade. I originally set some dungeon scenes that were originally for Karen’s Retro Project but decided they better go here than the original idea.  It’s definitely sounding a lot more like what a Happy Kingdom would be, but instead of some biker boys it’s some rival girls.

I’m thinking that before all the fun stuff begins, I should properly establish that these girls are well-respected and loved by their people so that when the appear naked on the parade float twerking their dildo-stuffed butts out in public, it has more of an impact, that or they’re actually in enemy territory thus justifying why everyone’s so ecstatic to see the proceedings.

This concept tends to be taken for granted a lot so I’m not really sure if those who’ve done a similar scene like this have in some way established that what they’re seeing is not exactly normal but not exactly a taboo at all i.e. a sword and sorcery world where sex slaves are just regular property but everyone’s like “ooh and ahhh” when they see that their tyrant is currently parading either a reknowned fierce warrior or a princess from an enemy kingdom…again, playing into emphasis of “Who” in terms of writing as opposed to “What” is going on.

If you, the video’s audience cannot be impressed with the gravity of what’s going on then the impact is highly lessened. This is why for me, many of the “captured warrior princess” hentai OVA’s seem to lack a lot of the humiliation angle because of every character’s treatment to it for some reason just implies that it’s a common thing to see. And a lot of them despite having a lot of onlookers just treat it like it’s in some private dungeon. I’d understand you’d want to drown out ambient noise if someone’s speaking but most of them are just minutes and minutes of high-pitched erotic squeaking.  Very few did it like Taimanin Asagi Ep.2 (Season 1) during her “funtime” with a fireplug-sized toy; the crowd was chanting at the amazon lady to ram it in Asagi, onlookers were throwing heartless comments  not just about her being a pervert (hentai logic, everyone! XD) but saying that she lost on purpose and even saying that she could take anything in and enjoy it while Asagi herself vehemently denies it.

Not that I can promise I would be able to generate a convincing soundtrack of the onlookers; I’m probably considering taking the “music only” approach with no ambience and make the acknowledgement of the Cookie Fun Girls’ plight a visual one.  Besides I know most won’t be thrilled anyway with the idea of the text flashing quickly at the bottom of the screen.

I was considering the idea of creating some kind of chat box like it’s some kind of MMO. Then again if everything that is happening is just a perverted MMO then I suppose the tone would be more thankful. It would create an interesting disconnect but that disconnect could end up undermining the impact of what’s going on.


That also confirms the fact that I’ll have to be building some kind of non-fanservicey armor for them. I may consider later on some scenes of them converted into some kind of “slave warrior” with the usual tits-and-pussy-baring “armor” doing menial tasks for their new mistresses, it’s an interesting idea that’s not too far from “coerced naked dancing” anyway since their limbs are free but are forced to do things they wouldn’t do.

What I’m not that interestedly keen in is the predictable “sex with a bunch of guys” scene in the dungeon unless I add some twist to it. Maybe fit the girls with chastity belts so that only their options are butt sex and blowjobs i.e. denying them any pleasure since it’s supposed to be a punishment for losing, and their only opportunity to cum is during lavish public spetacles where everyone can see them squirt.

But those are just ideas, what’s more important is to resume working on them.

Stay Wiggly!

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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 449 and Project Ideas”

  1. Sounds like you’ve got good ideas and good material to work with. I remember several months back you posted a pic of Rin naked and spread eagled. She was blindfolded, ball gagged and her wrists and ankles were strapped to a pillory. And she was getting fucked out of her mind by a big stallion. That was um, arousing, lol, so yeah, I kind of like the BDSM ideas you’re floating. Haughty girls enslaving our CFC girls and “playing” with them in a dungeon sounds hot enough. The idea that the girls can only have oral and anal sex is also kinky. Depriving them of personal pleasure is just depraved enough.
    The respected and beloved CFC girls forced to twerk their dildo stuffed butts and cum in public, stripped naked and paraded in front of everyone is quite dirty. I can see women in the crowd blushing and covering their mouths, casting sideways glances at each other as they look on. Men would be jeering and fist pumping at the girls humiliation, seeing them as they had only fantasized. Warrior girls converted to sex slaves would be humiliating indeed.
    I think it would be a lot of fun if in the end a team of Jackie, Denise, May and Rin break into the dungeon and rescue our beloved CFC girls. But before leaving, the girls force their captors to lick their pussies until they get off – that’s for not letting them cum while captive, lol.

    1. I have been toying around with that scene of Rin, however I just have lots of trouble completing it since it needs more. A simple loop of Rin getting boned out of her mind simply won’t do, it’ll be buried quickly, I mean nobody even talks much about that pic, proving my point it should not be a simple loop. There has to be other things I must consider, what’s the setting? Who’s watching? Should it be in a dungeon? A private garden? A crowded arena? I still haven’t decided yet.
      Without the build up the picture just becomes as bland as it currently is. I’m not doubting your sense of taste, don’t misunderstand me, but a scene like that, really needs a proper build up. Sex scenes are such a great payoff the only reason most don’t see it that way is because we’ve been inundated with sudden pointless sex scenes already they’ve lost their charm.

      ( ‘w’ )/ rest assured though once I’ve completed it, it’ll be worth the wait. It just can’t be rushed mindlessly, the myriad of dime-a-dozen rin videos out there is just a grim reminder of what will happen if I just rush things.

      And speaking of build up, your comment hit the nail on the head, these girls need a proper introduction, or at least the premise does. The whole idea that they can only get off in the most degrading way is such an intense idea and the fact that they’ve previously had such a good reputation…it’s something we don’t see anymore. It’s this lack of care we see in hentai all around that just simply makes a lot of them just boring. Every captured princess warrior hentai is the same, every imprisoned ninja girl trope is so predictable that it’s certain a thousand years from now it will end up in the same soulless high pitched squeak fest for 15 minutes before another quiet crowd scene.

      …anyway, as for the imas girls getting their comeuppance, I’m considering it… though comparing their bodies is kinda… well they’re not bad looking, it’s just that uhhh….such a stark contrast… unless I can make a joke of it somewhere. Maybe something like Airin saying “N-never mind! Keep your clothes on!”

  2. You really know how to tease a guy, haha. Telling me that you’re still toying with that scene of Rin is like, well it’s kinda like making the CFC girls plead with their captors to let them cum. 😝

    Back to the imas girls – who says they must take off their clothes? The CFC girls are the ones who are naked, just make their captors eat their cookie and give them that over due orgasm they’ve been aching for before they escape the dungeon. Sweet revenge.

  3. so I came all over I mean across this video a little while ago, and there was just something about it that screamed “Cookie Fun Material!!!!” I thought there was a some high quality parody potential to it. Might give rise to a new genre of production, the dumb bitch strip dance fight genre. Its awfully perfect in so many ways, every time I watch it I cant help but see it giving rise to something unprecedented in MMD, but its essence could only be mastered by the Squish. So I shall leave you with this as a parting gift. Maybe someday I’ll stumbled across an entire swarm of dumb bitch strip dance fight MMD videos and I can say, oh shit, what have I done.


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