Pixiv 446 and H4ppy Kingdom

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…Drum roll  please!




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H4ppy Kingdom (Because I’m so creative with Titles)


So let’s get the 900-pound elephant out of the way, did I say elephant? I mean minotaur

First of all it’s definitely an upgrade to Karen’s version


Instead of the usual three screen setup, there’s an actual centerpiece to the parade float

More dancing girls and more of the “bad guys” so to speak, it’s a parade float after all so it also needs to have whoever’s having that triumph up on the same platform with the eye candy. What I’m thinking of is some kind of triumphant parade where the imas girls are the victors, sort of like showing off their new conquests.

Which does get me thinking if I’ll be heading towards the “guild hazing antics” or the “bad ending/spoils of war” antics.

So what about the first version with Karen doing it solo? Most of it has already been seen in Karen Project B so it’s time to do something a little more different, not that I won’t release it, but I know what most aren’t probably reading this and will be wondering why I just rehashed the previous video, so I’ll do the parade where they do different stuff first.

Now as for the one with all CFC girls, I’m currently thinking it can get away with just using one footage as opposed to two, that’s because the parade float already comes with its own centerpiece.

No need for a center screen there.

Now another part I’m thinking of is the kind of parade where the girls move ahead of the procession.Initially I thought that I just cut to a scene of the girls already at the front however that still means adding more models and stuff but with my hardware limits that’s just impossible so my idea was to use a mob of other paraders, maybe a phalanx of grunts or other festively-dressed paraders to block the view of the parade float, leaving only the higher parts as a point of reference.

But another idea was to use different girls, like Jackie and friends to be at the fore of the procession. But I want to set expectations that as far as the parade scene goes it’s not like I can cram all girls there, so it’s not like I can have Jackie and Charlie doing a lesbian make out scene on the parade float without kicking someone off of the platform.

When it comes to big events like these, chaos is not an option and this is the mistake I see most do. Volume is a consequence and not the goal when I make lavish productions.

Decorations are simply arrows that point to the main attraction, it can be one arrow or a thousand arranged in a fractal pattern but they aren’t the centerpiece, and they all should point to it.

Kinda like how I designed this one to draw attention to the center.

Right now I’m working on the close ups for the cookie fun girls using the same-choreography-different backdrop method. That’ll take awhile to complete, so stay Wiggly!

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~


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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 446 and H4ppy Kingdom”

  1. Whoa! That’s a really big boy you got there! That is a lot of cock for such a little loli to take. Airin is absolutely impaled on that thing and she’s cumming like a faucet. Does the Minotaur get to do all the girls? They’re gonna be limp little wet rags till he’s gone through all of them. It’s a catchy looking float, no need for center screens when you’ve got a loli getting her pussy destroyed on center stage. I like the contrast between the imas girls dressed in uniform while the conquered CFC girls get raped and submitted by the half man, half beast. Making it to the end of the parade alive would be a win. I can’t imagine what they can do to wiggle out of this one and turn the tables on their captors.

    1. happy new years to you! ~( ‘w’ )/ indeed that center piece has definitely obliviated the need for a center screen, though I haven’t decided yet if the parade is the climax (hurr hurr) of what they’re going through or just the start of their new “job” as the imas girls’ sex slaves.

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