Pixiv 443 and the Airin Twins MMO Parody?

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…Drum roll  please!





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Another MMO Parody with the Airin Twins This time?


Now that the other sister’s got her own MMO-ish costume maybe it’s time I started another parody video? Well not really, see her costume’s simply voltroned on so I really can’t have her in large groups since she’s effectively worth 10 models already.

While it is easy for me to craft it all into a single model with the more static armor plates and tasselled jewelry, the real killer is the strings that form the string bikini part as well as the blue jeweled tassels running across her chest since well, they had to be manipulated into the place.

The other thing is that she still looks a little visually unbalanced compared to her twin. So maybe than rather make a dance video with a lot of mobs it might just be better to restrict the video to just the two of them. Which I could do, except that it feels like a downgrade compared to a worthy addition.

I do have to admit that Airin did look a little more dressed compared to the other girls in her video, but that was okay since she took up center stage, but when you’re supposed to eye both sisters? It’s really feels off.

Ultimately I may have to just dress them both in the same armor and apply some differences, maybe one wears white armor. Or maybe she just has to do her own solo video, or at least without her sister. There is still a lot of other tropes to poke fun at that I didn’t cover in the last one.

Like, getting items of the wrong class, or crap drops from a rare boss, lag, merchants with a chance to fail upgrading items, stuff like that.

Well, back to work for me. Gonna grab some grub first then get back to it as soon as I can.

Stay Wiggly!

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