Karen’s Adventures in Uranus out now in Iwara! (And Pixiv 434)

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…Drum roll  please!




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Karen’s Adventure In Uranus (Ep.1) Out Now!


Here’s the first episode of this cheesy project, I noticed some bloopers but decided to keep them because that’s what B-Movies are all about. Ironically, it seems very difficult to replicate bad special effects. I originally wanted the space ship to look like a cheap plastic model held up on strings but the idea of how to do it escapes me, as well as the poorly rendered lasers.

I also wanted to do some bad greenscreen effects but that one will have to wait since i have yet to create a scene that requires it. Usually I think of vehicles when greenscreen is involved except for the spaceships of course since for that one, you just need to make them look like cheap models.

And finally, as I mentioned before I’m intentionally keeping it short because that’s how vintage movie serials used to work. Also for space reasons and to help me transition easier for the next stuff that I haven’t rendered yet.

Anyway, enjoy the movie and stay wiggly!

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6 thoughts on “Karen’s Adventures in Uranus out now in Iwara! (And Pixiv 434)”

  1. OMG, the soundtrack – my HS band used to play The Horse at half time. We were the Colts, not Mustangs, lol, but Friday nights saw plenty of “ramming speed” in the back seat of my first car.
    Stealth mode, hahaha. I want a bare naked loli crawling after me on all fours! I NEED one, lol. I think Karen held that reverse scissor move a bit too long there – like she decided to get off on the guards’s face before taking him out, lol.
    Nothing like a uniform without pants for our female crew members. Lots of opportunity for cheesy fanservice shots plus freeze framing the high leg kicks kinda like a Charlie’s Angels pose.
    Then there’s pervy Capt Pike, er Piko, lol. Really nice FX in her shower scene with the suds and cascading water. That couldn’t have been easy. I’m a real fan of your more narrative type videos and like that you are releasing it in little bits. It keeps us fans happy and helps build anticipation for upcoming segments.
    I’m looking forward to where things go from here. Thinking she’s gonna get captured and used for some dirty fun! How convenient that Karen got beamed down, but her clothes didn’t, hahaha. I don’t doubt Capt Piko was in the Transporter room and had something to do with that too!

    1. XD your band played that song? I’ve corrupted memories now! XD
      We all could use a reverse flower hold from cute naked lolis, that pretty much goes without saying. As for the plot of the story, I picked up on Italian Mondo and exploitation movies that had tons of tongue-in-cheek justifications to show boobs on the camera as soon as possible, though (possibly ironically) the idea of Karen’s teleportation malfunction didn’t come from b-movies but rather an oft-repeated Star Trek joke which goes something like this.
      “Beam me down Scotty…ok that’s funny, now beam down my clothes too.”
      Aside from keeping it short for uhhh “marketing” tactics, it’s also because old movie serials tended to be short and cliffhanger-ish. Plus it also gives me lots of allowances to transition from one scene to another. For example, I could just start episode two with her hanging in chains already and do some lazy flashbacks of show she got there.
      Once again, thanks again and I’m glad you enjoyed the show ( ‘ w ‘ )/ stay wiggly!

  2. Merry Christmas Squish! Take a break.
    Thanks for all the wonderful presents you gave us this year.
    BTW, I love the cookie comic. 😊 In our overly materialistic world I am grateful for people like you who share rather than horde, who give rather than take, who love rather than hate. We are all a little bit more wiggly because of you. 3939

    1. A Wiggly Xmas to you too! Sorry for the delayed reply I really had a lot of stuff I was doing (mostly suffering from overeating ;w; ) and the cookie comic was edited by a friend, i liked it so I used it to replace the metallic eringe swimming ~( ‘w’ )~

  3. This is so fun. You have been quite busy lately! I have to drift for a while so I’m not sure how much I’ll be interacting from here out. I seem to get pulled back periodically as I dip though, Its always a struggle for me, there’s always someone to weaken my armor… In a flawless world I would have no reservations, but unfortunately that is not the case…

    The Airin girls got juicy! What a treat, I really dig this retro though and Karen is such a delight for this series. I must continue on my path though, I’ve gone too far now I’m realizing to turn back. I’ll still enjoy from afar from time to time but must be more aware of certain things.
    Until next time.

    (~* x* )~~~~~

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