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Today we have four entries into the Pixiv Daily Rankings!

…Drum roll  please!






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Getting Close to Completing Retro Karen Ep.1

Like those before it, Karen’s Retro Project needs to be cut short not just because of the overall length but also because I had belatedly remembered that old serials tended to be on the short side.

Most of the development time I had spent on this was on the parade scene which you’ve probaby had a good idea on how it looked like on her B Project, and only after that was completed did I resume her solid snaking antics.

As for Project B’s subscreen movie, that still has to wait as I am absolutely not just releasing it without the proper premises. Simple scenes without an introductory premise just doesn’t work, especially for a character who doesn’t have a voluminous bio to begin with. Most just don’t realize this because they tend to see stuff using already established characters…and notice how those that don’t conform to their canon just doesn’t work as well as those which do.

Speaking of which, after I’ve completed my satirical take with Alice: Sweet Devil, and Takuya doing the same with his Komachi vs Puke Cam video, I do wonder what’s the next thing to poke fun at.

Of course it can’t be the models themselves, just look at all the Im@s models they look horrible on sidevidew and not as complex or detailed compared to the others but there’s a lot of great ones out there. Maybe it should be about the lazy disregard of stage designs.

There’s a joke to be made about those who casually disregard stages, especially ones that need to be populated like streets, concert venues, and bars. Then there’s also the myriad of videos that have the temerity to swivel the camera around to show the emptiness.

In Karen’s Project B, the front view and rear view scenes are two separate files. It’s like…was it rocket science to consider the idea of nonlinear editing to create the illusion that it’s all taking place in one venue? The answer is amusingly enough: Yes.

So that’s it for today, working on both Project Karen Retro Edition as well as some new satirical video.

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