Pixiv 424, and editing surgery

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Updating your models can feel like Surgery, even on the .pmm file.

So after updating some of my models, I tried replacing the older ones but for some reason it keeps making the file crash, i suppose it’s because it was just so heavy that as far as mmd was concerned I was adding past it’s RAM limitations and thus forcing a crash.

So the only other alternative was to remove the old model, then replace it, which means the tons of accessories and other models it was parented to needed to be done all over again, and trying to remember which goes where is suddenly feeling like I’m trying to do brain surgery.

Not that I haven’t done that before but those were more of my “voltron’d” works (i.e. they weren’t attached, rather, they just had the same bones and doing the same motions) such as the Moon Dance Remake and the Schrodinger’s Kitty.

For some reason MMD has trouble remembering which bones are parented to what so I have to stop and take notes which isn’t easy considering that… well, there’s a really bad practice going on with many “modelers| carelessly leaving their bones unnamed and even leavings tons of unused and duplicated nodes. Usually this is done by those who edit them but the bigger names in modelling fortunately don’t do this half-assed “practice”

Let me put it this way. If I ever distributed Airin, I wouldn’t give her any rules considering she’s far from the casual user to use. If you’re good enough to figure out how she works, You pretty much have the license to do whatever.

Common sense dictates if that if you create a hovering, semi-sentient death cube that can zap people on your command but first you have to figure out that you need to kneel at some stinky swamp for a half an hour before it will acknowledge you… you earned it. Zap anyone you don’t like.

Now anyway back to the project on hand, this is one of the more tedious phases and I need some time to get it completed.

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Stay Wiggly!

eringe animated

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One thought on “Pixiv 424, and editing surgery”

  1. I don’t know if it would work chronologically, but it would be cool if Jackie and Denise could crash Karen’s retro porn show. Simply because they’ve got some pretty hot Space Slut outfits, lol. Wouldn’t mind seeing Denise’s panties lying around 😉

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