Pixiv 406 and Rendering the Payoff Scenes

OO\(  ̄ワ ̄ )/OO 406rth time in the Pixiv Rankings!


And today’s winning entries are…

…Drum roll  please!





And here’s two Pixiv Daily treats to wrap up that delicious twerking



Working on the Payoff Scenes

This payoff scene will have it’s own center screen scene since after vewing my project so far, the center screen footage has looped pretty well that they don’t feel like minor glimpses anymore. In fact I have actually tried to truncate some of the clips only to find out that I can’t since the only thing that looped was the model’s motions on some parts but the rest are so different from each other, that when I tried adding some sideview clips to spice up the camera crew… out of the eight that I produced, I only got to use four of them.

I however am expecting some slight lag between the frames since the payoff scene doesn’t render from frame zero, the main reason being that for space reasons i have to create a blank video from frame 0-7799 then tack on the closeup scenes afterwards. 7800-9996. That’s 2196 frames I’m rendering.

Like right now.

There’s one idea I wanted to put in however they’re currently in the cutting room floor and that is maintaining the continuity versus the desire to make some cutaway scenes to patch over some scenes I feel are a little drier.

My problem is that just cutting or fading to some scene of Karen doing something naughty ruins the idea that it’s a live event. A cut away scene would definitely be refreshing but that is ignoring that charm of what the event is supposed to be, it’s supposed to be a live event.

Now I have asked some people about their feelings on this and most were pretty much okay with the breaking of the continuity however, most in my observation seemed to have let that notion of a live event being charming slide right by them.

So what this shows, is that I’m hitting a sweet spot that many are at most, dimly aware of but are enjoying it when someone hits it.

Any the render is done time to get this payoff scene taken care of. I’m gonna post this then shut down the browser since I’m gonna need all the RAM i can get.

Also, Scenes. Because there’s a possibility of it having more…which makes me wonder if I would ever get out of the valve curse and actually make an ep.3 for once.

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Stay Wiggly!

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