Pixiv 391 and Fashionable Wear

( ‘w’ )y 391st time in the Pixiv Rankings!


And today’s winning entry is…

…Drum roll  please!



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Working on Karen’s Intro


Contrasting is a great tool to work with, putting something to compare two images allows them to synergize and thus create a much larger impact.

In fact, that’s the whole point of ecchi to begin with. The reason ecchi parodies work so well is because we have in our mind’s eye how things are in canon as opposed to how they are in fan fiction. Now given that I don’t have such an advantage, it’s not necessary, that’s the magic of movie making after all.

Seeing a smartly-dressed pretty girl and comparing her to the later awesome stuff creates a real parallel to create a lot of impact from, even if this is just some lazily cooked up character. We never knew who she is besides from some vague words from me.

Now all of this is being worked on while I’m waiting for some last minute videos to come in from some friends. The intro itself isn’t any easier considering that I’m choosing to animate a busy open plaza or something. and I need a little more new stuff to make the crowd look convincing.

Some new inspiration I picked up was on some idols videos which surprisingly enough, had more than just posing in beaches in bikinis. They actually include fashionable wear, and I think this is what Karen needs. Maybe the intro should be fashionable Karen in a fashionable district with little to no cheap tricks like upskirts. I really think that before the cameltoe panties and nipples barley covered in thin fabric I should work on her in clothes that just look good on her.  No one has done this before, so it’s worth a try for me while the remaining vids are still in progress.

Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 391 and Fashionable Wear”

  1. Idols videos…? OoOoOo, wanna elaborate?
    But seeing you speak of “fashionable”, but no flashy sparkly accessories is very interesting.

    Does this mean Karen is gonna be the new poster-girl of all the girls as far as fashion goes? I mean in your works fashion was always… unique to say the least. Getting behind the idea of like a icon/captain(ess?) of fashion between all the girls doesn’t sound like a half bad idea.

    1. Basically Karen wearing clothing that isn’t in the catalog of “anime fashion” but something more modern, trendy, but still functional. I’ve always had the idea of Karen being the high-class rich girl of the bunch, the difference being that she usually tries to not look that role since her looking “more like the other girls” is something she finds “marketable” that and maybe because I don’t find curly drill hair to look good.

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