Pixiv 390 and the Back and Forth

( ‘w’ )y 390th time in the Pixiv Rankings!


And today’s winning entrys is…

…Drum roll  please!



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Rearview Gives the Front a Run for It’s Money


I’ve long wanted an event that took place somewhere other than “River City” …the working name Jack Swordfire and I developed for the place that the Cookie Fun Girls live in. So I thought, why not have Karen; who’s project is currently in progress, do one in her home turf?

So with some few fixes here we go.

Now you might be thinking… where’s the iconic locations as a backdrop? Why not have the big tower at the back? Well that’s because I’m still indecisive but at the very least have it themed to her. Another reason is that the place to me still strongly resembles a baseball stadium as opposed to a soccer field. Soccer fields are rectangular, not round.

But, baseball or soccer…the arena was just so fun and so ripe for humor that I went against the idea of using the monitors for the rear view as close up “visual aids” but for some humorous advertising.


as for the center screen itself, I’m opening it up for vids made by other artists. To be realistic I advised them to produce it at a 4:3 Aspect Ratio, 60fps, and at 5 seconds. As much as I love to give a sweeping view of the rear for many reasons…hurr hurr… I’m just being realistic and want to set expectations that their window of being seen is very likely to be glanced  due to the nature of most choreographies looking better when seen from the front as opposed to being seen from behind.

By tomorrow I should have enough footage to loop over, however, I will be extending it for another day for newcomers.  So if you’re interested in making a five second humorous clip or know someone who wants to, do let us know.


The Story so Far

So for this contemporary version of Karen’s project, the Cookie Fun Girls learn that a certain cringefest show is making a tour to Karen’s hometown so they decide that Karen should give her folks a real show…  sound familiar? Yeah, a lot of my videos were pretty much similar to that one.

I guess i love making my stages transform .

Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

eringe animated

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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 390 and the Back and Forth”

  1. The stadium looks fantastic, I always thought a halftime show scenario would be cool, here she is the main event!!! She is definitely worth it. I’d love to see her open up wide for the stadium to see her inside, like Charlie opened up for the police lineup in HS. With a turnout like this, I know she’ll put on a good show, I’m curious to see how the grand climax of the performance will unfold. The climax scenes should comprise a larger percent of the production than previous works. Something tells me this one will not disappoint. 😀

    1. The climax is something I’m still deciding on, those orgy scenes were such a herculean task to manage; getting things to line up with each other as opposed to just randomly clipping into Karen’s body but into two small holes…hurr hurr hur. I had to ensure a tight fit (9w9)a

  2. Nice shoutout to iWara TV. My fav ad parodies are of Facebook and The North Face. Clever. 🙂
    Karen is so hot. I think confidence is sexy and she’s got tons of it. She takes pride in being a Little Slut. This goes way beyond “adolescent girl appears nude in public”. She steps out with a couple of toys inserted in her little holes and she knows she’s got the entire stadium under her spell! What more will we get to see this girl do? Everyone thinks they know her as the bookworm who gets straight A’s in school, but tonight they’re gonna find out this loli is way more sophisticated than her age would lead you to suspect and she’s way more complicated too. Youth is Life! And Karen makes the most of it.

    1. An intro depicting her as a Straight-A student is definitely a charming touch and a nice build up (apart from the certificates and trophies shown on the titantrons), then there’s also the idea of her walking around her hometown. I’m trying to see if I can do a scene of her “catching up to old friends” so there’s some shock value when the see her “true side” ( owo )/

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