Happy Thanksgiving from the Cookie Fun Channel!

~( ‘w’ )~o-<_)  happy turkey day for everywan!


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And today’s winning entrys is…

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Grand Scale Scaling Back

Ok, we’re done with all the massive prepping, the footage for both monitors has been completed, the reskin textures for the rotating displays are all done, all that’s left now is to render the final video  of that ONE CHOREOGRAPHY

Yup, still got plent more I want to use.

However, I had to do some serious scaling back. First of all, the Backup Dancers had to go, now you’d think with all my testing of possible angles I had it all figured out, well in reality it’s quite different when you now have the videos playing on the monitors, too many times the backup dancers ended up acting like censors blocking all the fun stuff, back to the cutting room floor they go.

Of course I do realize that once I start rendering this, there will be no turning back on the music choices. A band of animatronics shredding away at the guitar means I will never ever be able to use electronic music for that project ever again. So just to test if I’m making the right decision, I decided to render a small sample (Which I will NOT show, too much spoilers)

What I can show though, are the retexturing work on the rotating displays as well as the DJ table.


Do note that a huge part of these pics will be cropped out for the rotating displays since they’re supposed to be in portait as opposed to landscape.

Yes I said DJ table because I also made an EDM version. Please do not say “just make both” I don’t have space for it. There were many bumps on the DJ table slideshow though, first one is that it’s just a lazy rework of the H2S version, second, it didn’t show up well in the screen due to it’s size and distance.


And yeah, they’re just lazy replacements too. Let’s count the watchable elements here…it’s the same as in H2S

  1. The spectacle on the stage
  2. center screen video
  3. side screens that mirror and close up the movements
  4. rotating display
  5. the dj table slideshow

Karen’s project pretty much has the same number of elements there but for some reason the center screen just isn’t showing up properly and now with the dancers gone, there’s just lots of dead space which really irritates me.

I need to do some serious editing on the stage, it just isn’t watchable like this with all the unused room.

Another thing that needed a scale back was the music band itself, after reviewing the test footage to the music, it wasn’ a perfect fit, so I decided to open them up to more opportunities by slowing down their motions by a considerable amount.

Well, that concludes today’s blog, have fun, relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving…just don’t work too hard on that turkey~



Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

eringe animated

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4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cookie Fun Channel!”

  1. God bless you Squish! There’s gonna be so much naked Karen plastered across that stage that we’re going to feel like we know her from the inside out!

    It would appear that Karen’s spent some free time relaxing at a clothing optional resort. Time off – Clothes off. Sounds just like a Cookie Fun Girl, haha. And once she’s done oiling up her perfectly toned bod she can’t keep her hands off herself, so she hits her clit with a massive vibe and some monster dongs – in full view of the public. Our little straight A+ Honor Student, brainiac takes some time off from her studies for a bit of uninhibited, bacanalian fun in the sun.

    The skin texture in the shot of her sucking on that cock pop is stunning. Your use of light and shadow as the sun filters through the palm fronds and dances across her skin is photorealistic. Fantastic work. And you managed to give us all a sneak peak without giving much away. Thanks for the Thanksgiving Day treat! Skip the berries and nuts today; treat yourself to a drumstick and some pumpkin pie!

  2. Thanks for all the pics! I wanted those DJ booth shots when I first saw them in H2S, she looks like a champ atop that dildo. The lighting is fantastic too! I’d love to see her animated on that for a minute straight until she explodes, Karen’s wet and wild tropical paradise.


    Happy T Day!

  3. I’d love to see that Gravure beach production of her. I feel like you kinda had an idea for her to do a dance on the beach vid, the cutaway footage could be her in various poses and beach activities with her eventually having her way with a bunch of vibrators.

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