Pixiv 387 and Onward to the Center Screen Fun

Yesterday I was rendering a very heavy scene for about 8000 frames which predictably, took the whole day to complete.

\(>w<)/ 386th and 387th time in the Pixiv Rankings!


And today’s winning entries are…

…Drum roll  please!




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Slowing down on the Fast Tracks

To help me get in the right mood on the project, I took some time off to find some songs I could use in the interim. They sounded better after being sped up and held up pretty well when played with the audience sounds…in other words, apart from speeding it up and detuning the sound to simulate people playing it live (as opposed to over-perfected over-produced studio tracks), there was very little processing for me to use.

So what happened after I converted the sound to mp3? well it was a disaster, for some reason the tail end of the song contained the intro and they were no longer mixing into each other; undoing all the work I did in making them crossfade into each other properly.

So my next solution was to process each song individually, this time they came out properly and from there I just had to crossfade them again to create that single track, which I then rendered into mp3 for me listen to to get into the right mood and feel of creating Karen’s concert scenes.

My concern now was how it would fare if I rendered it into a raw avi file. Since Karen’s A Project also had lots of sped up tracks, I needed to render some of it to see if it will come out right.

At this point, it seems that the A Project has hit another massive roadblock since I need to individually process all the tracks I would be using into it’s sped up form and laying them back into the project.

EDIT: It kinda behaves well when converted to avi, so the retro project will at most have some minimal audio issues.

Karen’s Grinding on the Crowd(Finished!)

With the house party scene’s camera motion completed, it was now time for me to reconstruct the backdrop and onlookers. This is certainly taking quite some time to work on, since I needed to add people on floor level with Karen as well as the revellers watching from an above balcony.

Center Screen Fun

Sex motions are a double edged sword. They do provide the general framework for you to assemble the models to create that quick bang, but at the same time if you use any other model that doesn’t have the precise bone dimensions, expect tons and tons of adjustment work.

The way I see it, I will have to craft them manually. Now before one says “make them huge gang bang scenes” those scenes are a disaster to render, so much people blocking the view…its not worth it.

When you think about it, the most successful gangbang scenes are just done with “cheating”, that is a combination of fast cuts and close ups. Some of the most effective and memorable ones do just that; a few seconds of the writhing pile then quick shots of a blowjob here, a double penetration there, a two-second breast fondle, some of them happen so fast that if you pause some of them, it actually looks like a different scene. I vaguely remember one that actually recycled a previous sex scene albeit just a different background.

And fast cutting the scenes are not something I want to do when they’re supposed to be footage playing on a monitor, I want them steady so you can see what’s going on. Plus, when Karen’s naughty, albeit reluctant sexcapades are done in such a professional high quality studio look, it doesn’t feel as effective as like, off of someone’s phone.

Now to be fair, I will be putting some overlays on them, so they look a little polished…I mean after all this is supposed to be a spectacle.

The usual text ideas involve her consistently inconsistent three sizes, bloodtype (for those who don’t know, in Japanese culture, bloodtype is used as a shorthand for their character, kinda like condensing their general personality in one or two letters, pretty neat), and Zodiac (ditto)

I recall seeing one picture somewhere where they even showed a girl’s more intimate knowledge like how tight she is and stuff, but stuff like those are things I cannot fathom. The normal audience doesn’t know that either otherwise you’d think by this age every hentai artist would have listed their girls’ tightness coefficient by psi…and no one knows what psi is, or joules, or even weight.

And nobody tell me they can tell weight, you are either heavy or light and that is totally dependent on your own strength, fifty pounds or forty kilos they’re all the same when it comes to any person real or digital, they mean absolutely nothing.  I suppose the only value of telling someone’s weight is because of the whole idea that girls are always fighting to keep their figure which is pretty pointless because Karen and the rest of the Cookie Fun Girls have constantly changing breast sizes, Airin is the best example.

Age is pretty pointless too, there’s this idea that then you’re 25 you’re too old to have fun and if you haven’t hit 17 you’re still a dumbfuck who lives in their parent’s basement playing their consoles. I go outside and I meet people in their late 20’s and mid thirties who are caught up to the real times, like how bad a certain fps game is for going into outer space.

So I guess that’s all I need to show in the “litany of embarassing information about Karen” just some basic vital statistics, but I think more can be done.

I’m thinking of procuring or even cobbling together some trophies, and certificates to show her as some straight-A honor roll book worm or at least the kind of girl you’d least expect to do a Cookie Fun Show. There’s a running gag in some hentai manga and anime for them to flash their ID’s which is pointless if I’m going to add scrolling text with their vitals, so all that’s left then is to show all that honor roll trophies and stuff.

I’ve completed one sex scene, I need at least seven more


Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 387 and Onward to the Center Screen Fun”

  1. You need at least seven more sex scenes? Thank you Jeezuz! Sounds like the sex is in Hyperdrive. Was the 8,000 frames the first sex scene? Hope at least one takes place in Heranus, hur, hur. okay, that was bad…..
    As you’re rendering the dance portion of this project I’m hoping you draw upon some of your earlier work where the girls got down to business on the floor. A good striptease act includes some dancing, some pole work and some time on all fours, or their backs. I hope you can give us more of the bump and grind in this one. It seems appropriate since the main screen will be showing the real thing. Perhaps she’ll lose the two dildos at some point and hump a larger one; something like what she did at the end of H2S.

  2. Sounds like its going to be quite the smorgasbord of Karen’s delights. I’m looking forward to it! I can only imagine…. maybe a sneak peak tmrw for Thanksgiving? Some production stills of her “O” face 😀

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