Pixiv 386 and keeping the Cameras Tight


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Grinding the Camera…on Karen’s Boobs

Yesterday I tried leaning towards the abstact colorful backgrounds,  However after looking at them and with her already colorful stage…it just ends up being camouflaged.

Also, I heavily modified Karen’s choreography, she’s not just putting on two toys and being a robot about it, she’s really showing them off. It wasn’t just enough for me to just have her blush and simulate facial expressions.

Anyway, it’s back to just using alternate stages for me.  When I consider how colorful the stage looks and how it changes color every couple of seconds, I’m going to need a less cluttered subscreen scene.

For this setup, I’m thinking of a reverse of Project May Ep.2, where the subscreen videos featured bigger (but not necessarily more complex)  stages…  huge stadium vs. a small time bar. This time, Karen’s debuting in a huge stadium, but the subscreen videos will show smaller private venues instead, like maybe a house party. This allows me to show crowds assembled even behind her, satisfying my need to show that there are people watching and she’s not performing in some empty stage.

As for the rear view, I’m doing some “cheating” for this one. My previous videos have rarely shown the camera spinning around considering that side views tend to show not much the front or rear views already do, so the rear view is now a separate file. That does mean having to render one more video, but it does allow me to save more space considering I don’t have to generate much files for things I’ll be barely showing.

H2S did that as well, because all scenes that featured a definite audience are all separate files. The files of all four girls dancing doesn’t have Jackie and friends watching in the foreground.

Now I do notice that I made a mistake in the retexturing job since the rotating displays still show the other cookie fun girls, yup, I had retextured the wrong files, so I’ll just fix it later since right now I’m still working on the camera motions for the close up scenes which right now i just an empty abyss. I’m thinking of procuring an indoor stage with a balcony since I do foresee myself tilting the camera up at the low angle… showing just a simple looking ceiling doesn’t work well for me, and it would be a good opportunity to show a balcony of other revellers looking down.

This makes more sense now, stuff that Karen did privately is now being blasted in her huge debut scene. Kinda like saying “hey everyone! look at what silly stuff Karen has done in the past!” so I’m pretty much still sold on the idea of this being her Origins project.

As for the center screen, I’m still deciding if it’s a sex scene or just an alternate angle… I mean, at the moment most of them is just pussy cam and the boobs aren’t getting much love.

However, I may have to construct a side view later on… small hint, someone…or something, will be making a grand entrance.

Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 386 and keeping the Cameras Tight”

  1. sex scene center stage. And maybe it can cut to that house party you’re talking about. That sounds hot. Maybe she gets interactive with everyone… that would be a fun follow up behind the scenes after party project like the dressing room in h2s.

  2. Sex scene for sure. If the live performance is avoiding live sex acts then a video of Karen getting throated and pounded would top off her “cumming out” party. Like you said, take all the dirty little secrets from her past and blast them on a jumbo screen in her big debut. I like the idea that it’s raw footage from someone’s iPhone taken at a house party.

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