Pixiv 385 and the Happy Concert

\(>w<)/ 385th time in the Pixiv Rankings!


And today’s winning entries are…

…Drum roll  please!



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Time for the Sub Screens (again)

For Karen’s B Project, I will be using a simpler background for the closeup subscreens. However, I’m rather hesitant to use just a regular outdoor scene with mobs of onlookers. for Project B, I’m thinking of keeping Karen’s footage as something more low-key, as if this is her debut performance and the first time for the viewers to see this.

I will probably go for a more thematic one (i.e. teddy bears and flowers) or with an inane looking background, or probably something abstract. It’s one thing to just show the movment in different angles, but there’s something special when it’s been shot before. Just think of it, it means it was deliberately done as opposed to just coming up with the choreography on the spot, it was something she practiced for, if she was previously established as an innocent girl it would be a shocking reveal to show her naughty side… etc.

I’m heavily leaning towards a “Karen’s public debut” angle. The idea of classy girl Karen looking confident doesn’t strike me as being unique at the moment considering how everyone else’ content leans towards being deliberate with the nudity or oblivious to it.

Yesterday I had completed the retexturing work for the arena as well as making a prototype mix for the music. As it was difficult to work without being decided on what kind of music to play, it means a lot of time wasted on making multiple versions.  As of today, I was able to cobble up a mix of “happy” rock-based music which means the B  Project can now lean towards the consensual side as opposed to non-con side.


I’m curious though, if most will prefer a “Happy School: Karen’s Chapter” or a “Karen’s debut” angle.


Also, I don’t feel like throwing scraps as previews (i.e. small teasers of what I’ve completed)…. it makes me feel like throwing trash and passing it off as something good.


Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~ ~ ( ‘w’ )~

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One thought on “Pixiv 385 and the Happy Concert”

  1. Karen was really hot in happy school. Though an embarrassed innocent debut would also be scorching. Either way will be faptatulous.

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