Pixiv 383 and one giant step to glam rock settings

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Our last blog post had Karen in an improved version of Don Duck’s Bar, for the contemporary setting at least. However after some experimentation, and hearing certain songs I finally found some inspiration for a new stage.

Or rather, more of a revelation…I noticed how some certain establishments that use animatronics don’t necessarily sync their robots to the songs, so long as they make the motions it looks kinda fine.

And this, was something I could capitalize on.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was a band setting, i.e. to use rock music as opposed to electronic since I pretty much use those a lot. However one of the biggest obstacles was to find a way to make them play in a way that would be easy to loop but not necessarily look like they’re just going through the motions.

But these robots give me a chance to use a generic loop because they’re not expected to be completely in sync. In fact, I don’t think they even should look like they’re really playing.

With that, it’s now become feasible to work on. Of course that picture is going to probably have lots of changes. Now that I think of it, the bdsm girls at the back will probably have to go, considering how those bots are pretty much horror icons that their prescence is probably more than enough for the coercion angle.

I’m not going to post how it looks with the effects on yet, since I’m still experimenting with other things. Now knowing the lore of these guys, this looks like a good time to use that cliche of “bursting out of a cake” either that’s going to be one very important person’s birthday or that stingy company is just doing a batch run.

I also have some ideas for this contemporary setting, I’m thinking of those saturday morning cartoons before things suddenly flip over it’s head into a nightmare. I know I already did this with Project May, but I’m still seeing other angles that that project couldn’t have covered…but Karen can.

As for her retro sci-fi side, it’s gotten some action scenes already done though it’s hit a dead end for now regarding the ecchi camera angles, there’s only so much a leotard-like space suit could do but I think there’s more I can do about it before she loses that costume.

In summary, both sides are progressing, but more towards the contemporary setting, at least for the main scene, which progressed faster than the retro fantasy sci-fi one.


Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

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